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0000486graphvizDotpublic2004-09-17 12:552011-04-28 04:02
ReporterDan Whitney 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSMac-OSX-10.3.5OS Version
Summary0000486: fail to render, fail to export

Will not render, asserts a "syntax error near line 0"

I don't know what part of graphviz has the bug.

I wonder if the graph is too big. I say this because I successfully
rendered smaller versions of this as I was typing it in, just to check for
errors of my own. It rendered successfully every time until the last.
Additional Information

[dwhitney] the graph itself seems correct, but I cannot export it.

[erg] The user attached another \<A\>file\</A\> causing problems.

The graphs are not syntactically correct. Both graphs use unquoted node names
containing '-', hence the syntax error. The basic Graphviz tools accurately
report the number of the offending line. Glen may have to check on where
line 0 comes from.

[dwhitney] I was in Word editing the text version of the graph. This is the only way I know to create a graph using Graphviz. When I saved, I returned to Graphviz to see the statement "rendering failed." I then clicked on the ? at the right side and got the activity report that contained the "syntax error near line 0." I got the same error when I tried to "export" from Graphviz.

[glen.low] Puzzling. Off the top of my head, it could be some kooky header bytes Word was writing, perhaps a BOM or something. Ask him to send the exact Word file to me via email, I'll have a look at it.

BTW, Word is probably the reason Apple still has 3% of the market, and not 0%. An old deal between Jobs and Gates to keep Apple afloat. Unfortunately Word's "document template" extension has um, the same three letters as your Graphviz extension i.e. dot. (What's the history behind the choice of dot anyway?) Most of the time the OS keeps it straight due to hidden metadata, but it's entirely possible that Graphviz is trying to read a Word document template file instead and choking.

[dwhitney] These are the actual files. I have used both word (saving as "text") and the Mac text editor. Based on Graphviz' documentation I was not aware that this would be a problem.

OK I think I understand one thing. The way you launch new users is to present them with edit-> me. This is of course a digraph from the get go. This is what I did. I modified edit->me because I didn't have another way to know what to do.

I have attached the file that has the error. It is a microsoft word text file with .dot at the end. When I open this in word, I see a text file I can edit. when I open it in Graphviz I see a graph and I get a "failed to render" message. The graph is very complex and it is hard for me to realize that part of it is incorrect due to the syntax errors.

The beginning of the activity window reads
Error: /Users/dwhitney/Documents/Engineering Systems Div/Graphviz 1.13 (v16)/Examples/Undirected/ syntax error near line 0
context: digraph UNTITLED

The erroneous section of the dot file reads


The activity window reads


The error is not at or near line 0.

[glen.low] It may be that MS Word, seeing that it is a .dot file, thinks it is a Microsoft Word template and then applies its own proprietary mark-up. This markup then causes the syntax error. Click on the Edit button and press Option key at the same time, and select a different text editor e.g. TextEdit, and see if you have the same error.
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VERSION     1.13 (v16)
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