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0000485graphvizNeatopublic2004-09-16 16:382011-04-28 04:02
ReporterDavid Reitter 
Assigned ToGlen Low 
PlatformOSMac-OSX-10.3OS Version
Summary0000485: overlap=false (Voronoi) and shape!=ellipse -> over-scaling to huge diagrams

In a directed graph with some 10-25 nodes, arranged with 'engery minimization' (=neato?),
when I set overlap=false and the shape to anything else than 'ellipse', the diagram becomes
HUGE and appears over-scaled. It works perfectly for shape=ellipse.

the below input gives me a 66743x40511 pixel diagram. for shape=ellipse, it's 1488x1063
and looks pretty minimal to me.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph pvn {
    graph [overlap=false, sep="0.01", splines=true, ordering=out];
    node [shape=box, label="\N"];
    thing [label="thing \nobjectid:string\npng:personNumberGender\nrealize:integer\nsalient:array(atom)\ntemporary:bool "];
    appointment [label="appointment \nattendees:array(contact)\naudiomemo:string\nbegin:date\nend:date\nlocation:string\nmemo:string\nsalient:array(atom\
)=[begin, attendees] "];
    contact [label="contact \nadr:string\ncentering:thing\nfirstname:string\ngend:gender\nlastname:string\nsalient:array(atom)=[lastname, firstname]\
    emailaddress [label="emailaddress \nadr:string\nsalient:array(atom)=[adr] "];
    document [label="document \ncentering:thing\ndoctype:string\nurl:string "];
    email [label="email \nattachment:string\nbcc:contact\nbody:text\ncc:contact\ncentering:thing\nfrom:contact\npriority:string\nsubject:text\nto:\
contact\npng:personNumberGender=[gend:neut|_G56823]\nsalient:array(atom)=[subject, to] "];
    person [label="person \ncentering:thing\nfirstname:string\ngend:gender\nlastname:string\nsalient:array(atom)=[lastname, firstname] "];
    smalldoc [label="smalldoc "];
    creditcardno [label="creditcardno "];
    telephonenumber [label="telephonenumber \nnr:string\nsalient:array(atom)=[nr] "];
    text [label="text \ncontent:string\nfilename:file\nsalient:array(atom)=[string] "];
    thing -> appointment;
    thing -> contact;
    contact -> emailaddress;
    thing -> document;
    thing -> email;
    thing -> person;
    thing -> smalldoc;
    smalldoc -> creditcardno;
    thing -> telephonenumber;
    thing -> text;
Additional Information
run from the Mac OS X GUI, which is REALLY NICE! Thank you!

[erg] The bug has been reported earlier and fixed in the code (and was
one reason for doing 1.16 so soon after 1.14).
In this case, glen will need to produce a new package for macos.
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VERSION     1.13 (v16)
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