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0000476graphvizNeatopublic2004-09-09 09:252011-04-28 04:02
ReporterDag Lem 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-2.4.26 (Fedora Core 1)OS Version
Summary0000476: Graphs with HTML records don't scale correctly

Any graph consisting of HTML records seems to be scaled without bounds
if -Goverlap=scale or -Goverlap=false is used. If it is not used, severe
overlap occurs.
The (simple) attached example yields a 5538x879 pixel graph.
More complex graphs will either use all machine resources or, if
e.g. -Gsize=7,10 is specified, fail with the error message
"Error: Problem rendering glyph : Times-Roman"

dotneato/neato -Goverlap=scale -Tpng > test.png

The same problem occurs with twopi.
Steps To Reproduce

graph test {
node [shape=plaintext];
edge [dir=none];

A -- B;

A [label=<
<table border="0">


B [label=<
<table border="0">


Additional Information

[erg] This is unrelated to html nodes. Any non-ellipse, polygonal
node will cause the same problem. The internal units were changed,
but only partially, from inches to points. Hence, various features,
including overlap removal in neato, are broken.

See also bug 526
TagsNo tags attached.
FIX-COMMENT Internal units for polygon vertices were changes without checking
for any downstream effects.
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (9 Sept 2004)
VERSION     1.15 2004-09-09
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