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0000473graphvizNeatopublic2004-09-07 13:112011-04-28 04:02
ReporterAndrew Sayers 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0000473: Neato dies with "caught SIGFPE 8" on a simple graph

Bizarrely, changing even the number of "a"s and "b"s or the choice of
letter for the nodes can cause this bug to disappear/reappear. Changing
the details of the syntax (omitting ";"s etc.) has no effect. Any
value for "sep" greater or equal to .2 triggers this bug. Dot does not
seem to have this problem, nor did neato version 1.12.

Here is the result of running "neato -v":
$ neato -v
neato: fontname=Times-Roman
Scanning graph _neato_cc0, 4 nodes
model 0 smart_init 0 iterations 200 tol 0.000100
convert graph: 4 nodes 0.00 sec
Calculating shortest paths: 0.00 sec
Setting initial positions: 0.00 sec
Setting up stress function: 0.00 sec
Solving model: 1.461 0.133 0.060 0.038 0.032 0.031 0.031 0.031
final e = 0.030780 37 iterations 0.00 sec
Adjusting nodes using Voronoi
caught SIGFPE 8
Steps To Reproduce

graph g {
    graph [overlap=false,sep=.2];
    node [shape=box];
    a -- aaaaaaaaaa;
    a -- bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb;
    a -- c;
TagsNo tags attached.
FIX-COMMENT Internal units for polygon vertices were changes without checking
for any downstream effects.
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (9 Sept 2004)
VERSION     1.14
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2011-04-28 04:02 user1 New Issue
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