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0000452graphvizDotpublic2004-08-11 09:432011-04-28 04:02
ReporterFrans Verster2 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-redhat 9OS Version
Summary0000452: dot aborts in spline routing (crash of dotty)

linux redhat 9 dotty crashes on file, after removing sort-of circular edges it works, but the
graph is not complete any more
(It is a complex drawing, auto generated from an OO-dbms with XQuery)
Additional Information

[erg] It is actually dot aborting during spline routing at shortest.c:299.

I was trying to see if this was something obvious, so I added some fprintfs:

triangulating: 2567,2569 2567,2484 2755,2457 2755,2475 2755,2661 2531,2679 2567,2661 2567,2652 2567,2567 2720,2567 2720,2652 2729,2661 2737,2661 2737,2475 2729,2475 2720,2484 2720,2569
...isdiagonal: pnli=0 pnlip2=2 pnln=17 pnlip1=1 pnlim1=16
...isdiagonal: pnli=1 pnlip2=3 pnln=17 pnlip1=2 pnlim1=0
...isdiagonal: pnli=2 pnlip2=4 pnln=17 pnlip1=3 pnlim1=1
...isdiagonal: pnli=3 pnlip2=5 pnln=17 pnlip1=4 pnlim1=2
...isdiagonal: pnli=4 pnlip2=6 pnln=17 pnlip1=5 pnlim1=3
...isdiagonal: pnli=5 pnlip2=7 pnln=17 pnlip1=6 pnlim1=4
...isdiagonal: pnli=6 pnlip2=8 pnln=17 pnlip1=7 pnlim1=5
...isdiagonal: pnli=7 pnlip2=9 pnln=17 pnlip1=8 pnlim1=6
...isdiagonal: pnli=8 pnlip2=10 pnln=17 pnlip1=9 pnlim1=7
...isdiagonal: pnli=9 pnlip2=11 pnln=17 pnlip1=10 pnlim1=8
...isdiagonal: pnli=10 pnlip2=12 pnln=17 pnlip1=11 pnlim1=9
...isdiagonal: pnli=11 pnlip2=13 pnln=17 pnlip1=12 pnlim1=10
...isdiagonal: pnli=12 pnlip2=14 pnln=17 pnlip1=13 pnlim1=11
...isdiagonal: pnli=13 pnlip2=15 pnln=17 pnlip1=14 pnlim1=12
...isdiagonal: pnli=14 pnlip2=16 pnln=17 pnlip1=15 pnlim1=13
...isdiagonal: pnli=15 pnlip2=0 pnln=17 pnlip1=16 pnlim1=14
...isdiagonal: pnli=16 pnlip2=1 pnln=17 pnlip1=0 pnlim1=15

The situation s that isdiagonal() returns false for all 17 trangle tests of the polygon.

Dropping those coordinates into wish gives the attached
\<a HREF=b507.png\>weird shape\</a\>.
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VERSION     1.13
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