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0000448graphvizOutput Generationpublic2004-08-05 09:122011-04-28 04:02
ReporterOleg Kobchenko 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOS*-*-*OS Version
Summary0000448: VRML generates .png files in wrong folder

VRML generator puts .png files in "current folder" instead of the
same folder as the -ofile. As a result,
 - the output .vrml file is unusable, because the location of .png in
   it is specified in the same folder as the .vrml file, but
   .png files reside elsewhere

 - there is no control over location of the output .png files
   using comand-line/graph attributes (it's undesirable to switch
   current folder from the calling application)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Consider such folder structure:
.../graphviz // location of executables
.../graphviz/test // location of input file and "current folder"
.../graphviz/test/out // location of output files

2. In terminal session cd to graphviz/test:
   c:/> cd graphviz/test
   c:/graphviz/test> _

3. Run dot specifying out as the output folder

   c:/graphviz/test> ../dot -Tvrml -oout/test.vrml

4. Result: the test.vrml is in out folder and all .png files are
   in the test folder.
   Expected: .png files in out folder, same as .vrml file.

Any valid dot file works as input.
Additional Information

Function "gdirname" in vrmlgen.c may not parse the path
correctly, because in uses a hardcoded Unix-style separator '/'.
It is expected that the separator be dependent on the platform,
for Windows it is '\\' (single back slash).
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/* vrmlgen.c
 * it uses Output_file_name, but it's apparently never assigned
 * a value, which is used in job->output_filename, set in
 * gvrender_output_filename_job (gvrender.c) from input.c

static char *nodefilename(node_t *n, char *buf)
VERSION     1.10.20040120.0515
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