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0000302graphvizDotpublic2003-10-28 07:502011-04-28 04:02
ReporterAndrew Sadler3 
Assigned Togviz 
StatusacknowledgedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0000302: labeldistance does not affect normal labels in dot

The manual states that the labeldistance property of an edge can be
used to specify the distance of the label from the edge.

It infact only(?) affects the port labels.

I'd like to use this feature to make my labels in dot graphs appear closer
to their edges. (especialy useful if your edge labels are actual LaTeX
formulas which will not be as wide when printed as they appear to "dot").
Steps To Reproduce

digraph partition {
        edge [labeldistance=10000.0];
        z1 [label="$X$"];
                z2 [label="$Y$"];
                z3 [label="$Z$"];
        alpha [label="$\\Alpha$"];

        alpha -> alpha [label="$\\{7\\}$"];
        z1 -> z1 [label="$\\{1,4\\}$"];
        z2 -> z2 [label="$\\{2,3\\}$"];
        z3 -> z3 [label="$\\{5,6\\}$"];

        z1 -> z2 [label="$\\{1\\}$"];
        z2 -> z1 [label="$\\{2,3\\}$"];
        alpha -> z3 [label="$\\{7\\}$"];
        z1 -> alpha [label="$\\{1,4\\}$"];
        z2 -> alpha [label="$\\{2,3\\}$"];
        z3 -> alpha [label="$\\{5,6\\}$"];
Additional Information

I've hijacked the labeldistance attribute and used it as an absolute
value to be added to the label position.

I'll add the changes to grappa when I get a moment.
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--- dotsplines.c.orig Tue Oct 28 12:50:41 2003
+++ dotsplines.c Tue Oct 28 12:51:49 2003
@@ -376,7 +376,7 @@
        for (e = ND_out(n).list[0]; ED_edge_type(e) != NORMAL; e = ED_to_orig(e));
        dimen = ED_label(e)->dimen;
VERSION     1.10
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