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0000275graphvizDotpublic2003-09-03 15:432011-04-28 04:02
ReporterClement Seveillac 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Debian SidOS Version
Summary0000275: No visible text in .png images of classes


I call Dot from Doxygen (on an updated Debian Sid) every night, but
I have just found this new error:
all the diagrams that _used_ to have text only a few days ago, don't
seem to contain text anymore. Here is an example: [^]

My doxygen output is here, but I did not find any dot-related error
message in it: [^]

Please tell me which other piece of info you need!

By the way many many thanks for your great tool!

Sorry, I don't know how to get the temporary dot files used by Doxygen :-/
Additional Information

[ellson] Firstly, do you know what changed on your system a few days ago?
Did doxygen or graphviz get updated?
Were any fonts removed?
Did freetype change?

If you can get at it, can you send me the raw graph that doxygen
generates and sends to
dot to generate the image? I don't know doxygen well enough to know
how to do this.
If doxygen is using pipes you might be able to create a $HOME/bin/dot
shell script that saves the file
with something like:
    tee /tmp/save_$$.dot | /usr/bin/dot $*

Would you be able to build and install a more recent graphviz from source?
(e.g. [^] )

Have you asked the doxygen developers about this?

Could you also verify that dot is working normally without doxygen?
Please see if you get a png with legible text from execution of:

      echo 'digraph G {hello -> world }' | dot -Tpng -o out.png

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The user had removed some fonts on the system, and the old version of
was failing to find an alternative font. Current versions of graphviz
had no trouble finding a font.

It is unfortunate that doxygen doesn't appear to log stderr messages
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (4 September 2003)
VERSION     1.8.9
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