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0002592graphvizOtherpublic2016-03-02 12:382016-03-03 14:16
Assigned Tonorth 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
Platformgraphviz version 2.38.0 homebrewOSMac OSOS VersionEl Capitan
Summary0002592: Some HTML tags are ignored in node labels
DescriptionHi all,
This is my first "bug" report for Graphviz, please excuse me if I'm not accurate or my report needs improvement, and let me know.

I'm unable to get "bold" "italic" and "underline" (at least..) to work in a node label.
Other tags such as "table" are correctly interpreted.
Steps To ReproduceMinimum (not) working example:

digraph structs {
    node [shape=plaintext];
    struct1 [label=<normal underlined>];

the "normal" and "underlined" parts of the label appear identical. This happens also with the or tags.
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Attached Files? file icon html3.gv (Attachment missing)

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User avatar (0001038)
erg (administrator)
2016-03-02 13:54

I'm not sure if your example got corrupted by being entered in the bug report, but as it appears, it won't work. The correct syntax is

digraph structs {
    node [shape=plaintext];
    struct1 [label=<normal underlined>];
User avatar (0001039)
erg (administrator)
2016-03-02 14:03

Okay, it looks like the bug report is interpreting the HTML-like labels. To be sure, please use the Upload File field above to upload your input example. Also, please give the full command with flags that you use to draw the graph. Thanks.
User avatar (0001040)
berlingozzo (reporter)
2016-03-02 14:32

I have attached a minimum working example. Note I have used bold in this example, as this is the tag I'm particular interested in.

I have tried generating the image with:
neato -Tpng -o pippo.png ~/Downloads/html3.gv
neato -Tpdf -o pippo.pdf ~/Downloads/html3.gv
dot -Tpng -o pippo.png ~/Downloads/html3.gv
and none of them works.

Note that I'm using graphviz installed via brew, from command line, not the (or whatever the app is in Mac).

User avatar (0001041)
berlingozzo (reporter)
2016-03-03 05:49

For the ones stumbling upon this bug, this workaround fixed the issue for me:

brew uninstall graphviz
brew install cairo pango graphviz --with-pangocairo

Thanks Stephen North for pointing me towards the right direction (i.e., I was missing pango, which is what applies text styles)

User avatar (0001042)
erg (administrator)
2016-03-03 14:16

Most new rendering features are only done in svg and pangocairo. Is it worth the effort to, when possible, add them as well to postscript and raw quartz?

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