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0002564graphvizFdppublic2015-08-15 15:042015-08-19 10:47
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PlatformcygwinOSwindows amd 64OS Version7
Summary0002564: Silently stops working ..
Descriptioncan take considerable time before stops ..

sometimes leaves this message ..

assertion "0" failed: file "/usr/src/ports/graphviz/graphviz-2.38.0-7.x86_64/src/graphviz-2.38.0/lib/neatogen/multispline.c", line 1094, function: edgeToSeg
Steps To Reproducerun input file ..
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petercain0110 (reporter)
2015-08-16 09:59
edited on: 2015-08-17 11:39


Tried on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with default graphviz version (2.36). Same issue: silently stops.

I recompiled graphviz from source under ubuntu 14.04 LTS. There was a small compilation error that was easily fixed (I cannot fully remember now): an include file path had changed name ("2" on end of directory name).

AMD64 with 16GB RAM. For good measure gave Gave 65GB Swap.

Same problem. Code runs for some time, then just silently stops. No output at all.


Where is prism code to be found ?.


Another compile from source issue was libANN. libANN is there, but configure does not recognise. Tried everything I could. Including building libANN from source. Anyway.

Issue maybe with splines. Without splines sfdp runs FAST. fdp still silent crashes, usually.

Have seen errors with malloc() failing:
sfdp: malloc.c:3695: _int_malloc: Assertion `(unsigned long) (size) >= (unsigned long) (nb)' failed.

cygwin can also stackdump ..

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petercain0110 (reporter)
2015-08-17 11:43
edited on: 2015-08-17 12:04


Tried various output formats .. Same problem .. eps, svg, png ..


Have this error too ..
*** Error in `sfdp': corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000000f15d40 ***

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petercain0110 (reporter)
2015-08-17 14:54
edited on: 2015-08-19 10:40

UPDATE (cygwin)

set ulimit for stack as massive .. Thought maybe too many recursions .. Still crashes ..

UPDATE (cygwin)

Have this error too .. Thousands of them ..

Gts-CRITICAL **: gts_vertex_replace: assertion 'v != with' failed

UPDATE (cygwin)

IF use splines="compound"; Found that may sometimes work for small diagram with no clusters. The output is ugly.

Added clusters back to same that did work (above) and process just hung. Abandoned after 11 hours processing on 4GHz AMD 64 bit processor.

 1224 Peter 8 0 247m 270m 52m R 100 1.7 658:51.33 dot

User avatar (0000964)
petercain0110 (reporter)
2015-08-19 10:41

Changed shape back to default from circle. Still hangs with fdp with splines="compound".
User avatar (0000965)
petercain0110 (reporter)
2015-08-19 10:47

I also design PCB's. The software will invariably autoroute the traces (edges). A printed circuit board that is considerably more complicated than that I trying graph will generally autoroute in seconds or a few minutes. Not always beautifully, but will complete.

I have this feeling that there should be sufficient gap between the nodes for the edges, and that is should be possible to overlay edges (like a multilayer pcb), or simply lay them on top of each other.

What else can I try? Do ?

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