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0002493graphvizDotpublic2014-10-05 17:412014-10-06 11:01
Assigned Toerg 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
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Summary0002493: The DOT language specification makes it impossible to end a quoted string with the character '\'
DescriptionFootnote 1 in [^] reads: "In quoted strings in DOT, the only escaped character is double-quote ("). That is, in quoted strings, the dyad \" is converted to "; all other characters are left unchanged. In particular, \\ remains \\. Layout engines may apply additional escape sequences."

This design (i.e. not escaping "\" as "\\") makes it impossible to end a quoted string with the character '\'.
Steps To Reproducedot <<EOF
digraph A {
    0 [label = "foo\\"]
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sammthomson (reporter)
2014-10-05 18:40

I believe this is intended behavior so OS probably isn't relevant, but just in case, I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.

dot - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)
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sammthomson (reporter)
2014-10-05 23:51

OK, upgrading to graphviz version 2.39.0 fixed this for me. I didn't think to do that before, because the docs led me to believe that it was expected behavior.

Can the docs be upgraded to reflect that backslashes *are* escaped?

A red herring in my bug report was that I used heredocs incorrectly (heredocs swallow the extra backslash). Here's a better test case that fails in 2.36, but works in 2.39:

cat a.txt
# digraph G { "hello\\" }

# 2.36
dot a.txt
# Warning: a.txt: syntax error in line 1 near ''

# 2.39
dot a.txt
#digraph G {
# graph [bb="0,0,61.095,36"];
# node [label="\N"];
# "hello\\" [height=0.5,
# pos="30.547,18",
# width=0.84854];
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erg (administrator)
2014-10-06 11:01

The docs are correct as they stand. In the dot language, \\ remains \\. If you check the length of the node name, it will be 7 bytes long. In general, the language invokes a minimal amount of magic, leaving that to the layout programs. All of the backslash magic occurs when text in a label is converted for display. See [^]

The bug was introduced in 2.32, probably from own confusion (Aren't multiple levels of string interpretation wonderful?), and fixed in 2.38.

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