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0002474graphvizDotpublic2014-07-29 12:232014-07-29 17:42
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformMac OS XOSMavericksOS Version10.9.4
Summary0002474: Rendering dot as jpg flawed
DescriptionRendering a dot graph to jpeg yields very poor results.

I just upgraded my mac book pro to mavericks and am using

dot - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)

and as a consequence, have come across the following issue.

dot -Tpng pla.xdot -o pla.png

produces the attached png.


dot -Tjpg pla.xdot -o pla.jpg

produces the attached jpg.

Steps To ReproduceSee above.

By attached file I mean one in the attached zip.
TagsNo tags attached.
VERSIONdot - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)
Attached Fileszip file icon (Attachment missing)

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ellson (administrator)
2014-07-29 12:32

Please attach the console output from:
   dot -v -Tjpg pla.xdot -o pla.jpg
so we can see what renderer plugin is being used.
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erg (administrator)
2014-07-29 17:27

Checking at home on maverick using 2.39, I am pretty sure this has been fixed. Please try downloading the 2.39 mountain lion package, and see if that fixes things.
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erg (administrator)
2014-07-29 17:42

This is a repeat of bug 2409, some byte order mismatch between cairo and quartz. Our workaround was to promote quartz:quartz over cairo:quartz. (c6056baabb6c13f9fdf3588d6fe51f9735fa5658)

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