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0000247graphvizDotpublic2003-07-13 21:572011-04-28 04:02
ReporterDavid O'Shea 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-2000 SP2OS Version
Summary0000247: bad position for label for edges between nodes of same rank and bad edge pos

There are two related problems:

1. when there is an edge between nodes of the same rank, although the edge is completely flat (horizontal), the label is printed high up above the edge as if the edge was an arc.

2. when there is an edge between nodes which are records and at least one end (but possibly both) is attached to a (whatever you call the names you put in angle-brackets which represent part of the record), the edge is an arc instead of being flat (horizontal). In this case the label for the edge lies in exactly the same place as it does in case 0000001.

The input I have provided below causes two distinct edges to be produced (the first flat and the second an arc) but the labels are superimposed.

I have seen issue 0000002 with dot 1.8.8 on Solaris 8 (didn't try 0000001).
Steps To Reproduce

digraph foo {
        subgraph x {
                rank = same;

                a [ shape = "record" label = "{<l1>l1|<l2>l2}" ]
                b [ shape = "record" label = "{<l1>l1|<l2>l2}" ]

        a -> b [ label = "node" ];
                a:l1 -> b:l1 [ label = "rec" ];
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (21 June 2005)
VERSION     1.10
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