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0002464graphvizNeatopublic2014-06-16 10:012014-06-16 20:39
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Platformx86_64OSUbuntu LinuxOS Versionjessie/sid
Summary0002464: Neato segfaults on particular dot file
DescriptionWhen running on a dot file generated by afterglow, after several minutes neato has a segfault.
Steps To ReproduceCommand line used:

neato -O -Tpng

Additional Informationgdb run attached.
TagsNo tags attached.
VERSIONneato - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)
Attached Filestxt file icon gdb.txt (Attachment missing)

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erg (administrator)
2014-06-16 13:08

Can you attach the actual dot file causing the problem? Thanks.
User avatar (0000767)
jessebowling (reporter)
2014-06-16 13:27

File is too large to upload directly; see here: [^]
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north (administrator)
2014-06-16 15:43

$ gc
   88488 146642 structs (

I think 88488^2 * sizeof(double) * 3 (I think the solver needs 3 NXN matrices)
gets to about 350 gigs of RAM.

Not sure if we should have been able to catch this and emit an error.
User avatar (0000770)
jessebowling (reporter)
2014-06-16 20:39

I respect that my dot file was too large, but segfaults are never graceful. :)

I'll try reducing my dataset and leave it up to you what the best action should be for this report.

Thanks for the quick turnaround!



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2014-06-16 10:01 jessebowling New Issue
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