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0002463graphvizDotpublic2014-06-11 14:422014-06-12 12:29
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PlatformWindows OS7OS VersionService Pack 1
Summary0002463: Referencing 0002309: Dot.exe freezes when using SchemasSpy 5.0.0 and force-metadata-jdbc-driver-2.2
DescriptionI'm having the same issue as Issue 0002309. Does a fix exist that hasn't been documented here?
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erg (administrator)
2014-06-11 17:21

What version of Graphviz are you using? Can you supply the dot file the SchemaSpy is producing that causes the problem? The two files submitted for bug 2309 work fine using Graphviz 2.38 on Windows.
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mlatham (reporter)
2014-06-12 08:15

I was using version 2.30 (installed it yesterday so I'm not sure how I managed to do that), and I upgraded to 2.38 this morning. Now it throws an error stating that dot cannot be found. I attached a file with the error and path info. Also, it isn't producing dot files for the missing objects so I'm not sure how to give you that info.
User avatar (0000758)
erg (administrator)
2014-06-12 09:48

Starting with 2.31, the Graphviz package does not fiddle with the PATH variable (see note on [^]). So, as the error message from SchemaSpy says, you need to set the PATH variable yourself, or use the SchemaSpy -gv flag.
User avatar (0000759)
mlatham (reporter)
2014-06-12 10:07

Okay, I updated the PATH variable and it works. However, it is only producing 96 out of 114 objects. Is that a Graghviz issue or Schemaspy? Thanks for all your help - I really appreciate it.
User avatar (0000760)
erg (administrator)
2014-06-12 10:14

I can only answer that by seeing the dot file produced by SchemaSpy. Or you can check yourself. If objects are represented by nodes in the graph, you can run the Graphviz gc command on the dot file. It will tell you how many nodes and edges are in the graph. If there are only 96 nodes, then the fault lies with SchemaSpy. If there are 114 and you are only seeing 96, then the problem involves Graphviz. In the latter case, feel free to attach the dot file here and I'll check it. Thanks.
User avatar (0000761)
mlatham (reporter)
2014-06-12 11:46

There are a lot of dot files corresponding to the objects found. Can you give me some more direction to finding the dot file you need?
User avatar (0000762)
erg (administrator)
2014-06-12 12:09

How did you come up with the number 96?
User avatar (0000763)
mlatham (reporter)
2014-06-12 12:20

It was part of the build completion message - see attachment.
User avatar (0000764)
erg (administrator)
2014-06-12 12:26

And I assume you know some other way that there should have been 114? In any case, the "96 tables/views" message is coming from SchemaSpy, so you'll have to check there if you feel you are getting incorrect results. All Graphviz does is provide the layout for the various graphs involved.
User avatar (0000765)
mlatham (reporter)
2014-06-12 12:29

Okay, I was afraid of that. Thanks for all your help.

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