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0002433graphvizDotpublic2014-03-15 13:172014-03-16 13:16
Assigned Toerg 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version19
Summary0002433: dot and dotty fails to convert/open a '' file
DescriptionI have just installed Graphvis on my Fedora 19 using YUM and 'graphviz-fedora.repo' (as recommanded in '' [^]).

To try my installation, I have written a '' file and tried to convert it to 'png' using dot. The command says:
$ dot -Tpng
Format: "png" not recognized. Use one of:

When I try to open it with dotty, the output on the console says:
$ dotty
Format: "xdot1.2" not recognized. Use one of:
Format: "xdot1.2" not recognized. Use one of:
dotty.lefty: giving up on dot
dotty.lefty: graph that causes dot
dotty.lefty: to fail has been saved in file dottybug.gv
dotty.lefty: please fill out a bug report at
dotty.lefty: [^]

Steps To Reproduce1) Using dot
1.1) Create a '' dot file
1.2) Convert it with 'dot': dot -Tpng

2) Using dotty
2.1) Create a '' dot file
2.2) Open it with 'dotty': dotty
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VERSIONdot - graphviz version 2.36.0 (20140111.2315)
Attached Files? file icon dottybug.gv (Attachment missing)

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erg (administrator)
2014-03-15 14:01

I don't know why, but it appears the installation process didn't run
  dot -c
when it finished, or things were moved. First try running dot -c and see what happens. (You will need write permission in the directory $prefix/lib/graphviz, where $prefix is the root directory where Graphviz was installed.)

If that doesn't work, run dot -v. This will tell you where dot is looking for the configuration file (libdir). Make sure you are getting the right dot and that libdir contains the file config6 and it is readable.

Please let us know what happens.
User avatar (0000706)
younes.ouadi (reporter)
2014-03-15 16:03
edited on: 2014-03-15 16:04

Many thanks. After running 'dot -c', dot and dotty converts/open properly my '' file.

I forget to mention in the bug report that I'm using an 'x86_64'. Hence, 'graphviz' is under '/usr/lib64' instead of '/usr/lib'.

Is there any thing I can provide to point out the reason why 'dot -c' has not been called during the install process?

User avatar (0000707)
erg (administrator)
2014-03-15 17:04

Not sure. John Ellson is better able to answer that question. If it is called at all, it puts the config file in its corresponding lib/graphviz directory, so it sounds more like it wasn't' called.
User avatar (0000708)
younes.ouadi (reporter)
2014-03-15 17:49

Ok. I'm available in case John needs further details about this case.

Thank you again for your prompt answer.
User avatar (0000709)
ellson (administrator)
2014-03-16 10:38

I believe this is a known issue with the Ubuntu packaging.

See: [^]

You should be able to work around the issue by becoming root and
running "dot -c" just once. (This was supposed to be done during post-install scripts.)


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