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0002410graphvizDotpublic2014-01-10 08:372014-01-14 10:19
Assigned Toerg 
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Summary0002410: Positioning of external labels (xlabels) via xlp attribute seems not to work
DescriptionI have tried to apply xlabels on my graphs and position them using xlp. But the xlp attribute seems to have no effect,

and the xlabels are all attached to the top-left corner of nodes. Is it a bug or am I misusing it?

Here is a sample code:

digraph g {
node [shape=point,height=0.1];
"1" [xlabel=<<FONT FACE='monospace' POINT-SIZE='4'>abc</FONT>>,xlp="-1.0,1.0",fillcolor=yellow,height=0.2];
"2" [xlabel=<<FONT FACE='monospace' POINT-SIZE='4'>abc</FONT>>,xlp="10.0,-10.0",fillcolor=dimgray,height=0.1];
"3" [xlabel=<<FONT FACE='monospace' POINT-SIZE='4'>abc</FONT>>,xlp="1000.0,1000.0",fillcolor=dimgray,height=0.1];
"1" -> "2"[label=<<FONT FACE='monospace' POINT-SIZE='6'>A3:B4</FONT>>,arrowsize=0.4];
"1" -> "3"[label=<<FONT FACE='monospace' POINT-SIZE='6'>C3:B4</FONT>>,arrowsize=0.4];

After generating a pdf (attached), all 'abc' xlabels are placed in top-left corners of nodes. Whereas I would like to control their placement myself,

preferable by specifying the location relatively to the node.
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Attached Filespdf file icon xlabel.pdf [^] (9,271 bytes) 2014-01-10 08:37

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erg (administrator)
2014-01-14 10:19

The xlp attribute only used for output, and is given in universal coordinates, rather than node or edge based coordinates. So this is basically a feature request for allowing the user to provide position information for xlabels. For xlabels attached to nodes, the coordinates should be relative to the node position. A similar feature could hold for head and tail labels for edges. I suppose xlabels for edges could be based on the "center" of the edge.

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