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0002391graphvizOutput Generationpublic2013-11-15 12:082013-11-16 12:19
Assigned Toerg 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7SP1
Summary0002391: output generation problems with arrowType:none and edge[style=tapered]
Descriptiongiven edge style is tapered

when color is of type colorList
then tapered renders as if dir is none

when arrowhead or arrowtail are set to none
and dir is default(forward)
----then a block is placed at the head tapered end instead of tapering
and dir is both
----then a block is placed at the head and tail tapered ends instead of tapering
and dir is back
----then a block is placed at the tail tapered end instead of tapering
and dir is none
----then the taper is properly ignored and arrowType:none renders correctly
Steps To Reproducedigraph{
edge[penwidth=5, style=tapered, label="\E"]
        edge[arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none, color="#FF0000"]
Additional InformationResolutions:
1) indicate in documentation that edge[style=tapered] does not support colorList
2) indicate in documentation that edge[style=tapered] does not work with arrowType:none
3) make correction to the above either as a bugfix or a feature enhancement.
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User avatar (0000599)
ellson (administrator)
2013-11-15 13:48

The "block" is not an arrowhead, its the last segment of a regular edge drawn in the segment where the arrow is place, the segment that subtends normally to the node. You will notice that the "block" is the same width as the regular edge.

I haven't worked out a way to get rid of it yet... if it is simply eliminated then the tapered edge will be too short.
User avatar (0000600)
ellson (administrator)
2013-11-15 16:49

I've committed a fix that leaves a bit of a gap .. looks ok I guess. Thats 2, & 3.

Item 1 still needs addressing in documentation....
User avatar (0000601)
erg (administrator)
2013-11-16 10:31
edited on: 2013-11-16 10:36

This worked correctly in 2.32. See the documentation for styles, where the figures haven't been update. The bug begins in 2.34. There is a distinct arrowhead drawn as a line. That shouldn't be.

User avatar (0000602)
erg (administrator)
2013-11-16 12:19

The documentation now notes that color lists don't work with tapered edges.
arrowhead=none now works again with tapered edges.
Thanks for the bug report.

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