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0002390graphvizDotpublic2013-11-04 05:582013-11-05 04:19
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Platform x86_64OSUbuntuOS Version13.10
Summary0002390: Dot sent to an infinite loop with a certain dot file
DescriptionWhen calling
  dot -Tpng -o t1.png
with the attached file, GraphViz apparently is sent to an infinite loop.
The dot file is also included in the additional information.
Steps To Reproduce1. Download the attached file
2. dot -Tpng -o t1.png

==> program is endlessly computing, apparently
Additional Information# This is the DDI diagram for looping_E19
# Graphviz code generated by [email protected] using ConceptBase 7.6.00 at 2013-10-23 12:16:21
# Process this file by Graphviz, e.g.
# dot -Tpng -o thisfile.png

digraph looping_E19 {

node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=cyan]; Article;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=cyan]; myArticle001;

node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Deep Instantiation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Dual Deep Instantiation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Profonde Instanciation";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; "Tiefe Instanziierung";
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; EnglishTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; FrenchTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; GermanTerm;
node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=lightcyan]; Term;

edge [splines=false];
"Deep Instantiation"->EnglishTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Dual Deep Instantiation"->EnglishTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Profonde Instanciation"->FrenchTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
"Tiefe Instanziierung"->GermanTerm [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
EnglishTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
FrenchTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
GermanTerm->Term [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];
myArticle001->Article [style=dashed,color=black,len=1.21,label="",arrowhead=vee];

edge [splines=true];
Article->Term [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(1,2)"];
myArticle001->"Tiefe Instanziierung" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Deep Instantiation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Profonde Instanciation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];
myArticle001->"Dual Deep Instantiation" [fontsize=10,dir=none,constraint=false,color=black,label="Topic(0,0)"];

{rank=same; "Deep Instantiation" "Dual Deep Instantiation" "Profonde Instanciation" "Tiefe Instanziierung" myArticle001 }
{rank=same; Article EnglishTerm GermanTerm }
{rank=same; Term }
{rank=same; }

TagsNo tags attached.
VERSIONdot - graphviz version 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)
Attached Filesdot file icon [^] (2,500 bytes) 2013-11-04 05:58
? file icon tw.gv [^] (2,837 bytes) 2013-11-04 11:02

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erg (administrator)
2013-11-04 10:58

As a workaround, please upgrade to a newer version if possible. The looping is gone in the current version, although there is still a minor problem. Thanks.
User avatar (0000596)
erg (administrator)
2013-11-04 11:05

The file tw.gv is a minimal version of the input causing a problem. For some reason, the long edge from MyArticle001 to Tiefe Instanziierung is not getting any room so it ends up lying along the top of the nodes.
User avatar (0000597)
mjeu (reporter)
2013-11-05 04:19
edited on: 2013-11-05 06:34

Thanks! I installed GraphViz via the Ubuntu package manager. That probably has a quite outdated version. Will try to upgrade.

It appears non-trivial to update GraphViz from V2.26 to a new version. The deb files provided on this server have lots of library incompatibilities with my current Ubuntu 13.10 platform. I could also not find a working ppa. But I saw a note somewhere that Ubuntu 14.04 might have a newer version of GraphViz in its repository. So, I will wait for that.

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