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0002382graphvizDotpublic2013-10-11 08:182014-04-22 20:45
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PlatformMS-WindowsOSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002382: shortest.c:324: triangulation failed... source point not in any triangle
DescriptionI have the following errors on graph rendering and dot.exe crashes:
  libpath/.\shortest.c:324: triangulation failed
  libpath/.\shortest.c:192: source point not in any triangle
  Error: in routesplines, Pshortestpath failed
Steps To ReproduceDot file for reproducing (programmatically generated) is attached but we have the problem for many other graphs. Rendering will work if one of the subgraphs containing large number of nodes is removed.
Additional InformationAlso was reproduced in versions 2.26, 2.30
TagsNo tags attached.
VERSIONgraphviz version 2.34
Attached Filesdot file icon [^] (77,148 bytes) 2013-10-11 08:18

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User avatar (0000565)
erg (administrator)
2013-10-11 13:46

Another init_rank bug
User avatar (0000569)
conquest_us (reporter)
2013-10-16 08:17


thank you for informing that you could reproduce the bug in your lab.
Any idea when it can be fixed?

Thank you.
User avatar (0000591)
erg (administrator)
2013-10-30 13:57

Unfortunately, I have no idea when this problem may be fixed as we've had a significant change in our work environment of late.
User avatar (0000688)
erg (administrator)
2014-02-18 13:43

infaischmidt adds:

We would like to add some information on issue 2382
( [^]). I created an account,
but I am not allowed to add a comment on this issue. So, I send you this

We observed that this issue occurs in case of labelling edges between nodes
of different clusters. If you remove the label, everything works fine. You
can use labels for small amounts of clusters. With increasing number of
clusters, the exception occurs.

As a work around, we removed the labels for such edges. Actually, we try to
split that edge into two edges (with label) and a new node:

ClusterA:node1 -> ClusterB:node2

transformed to

ClusterA:node1 -> dummyNode (outside of ClusterA and ClusterB) ->

If you are interested, we can send you the results of this experiment.

We hope that our information will help you to find the bug.

Please feel free to contact me in the case of any question.
User avatar (0000730)
dewtell (reporter)
2014-04-22 20:21

I just submitted a similar crash for a graph with 7 clusters (of 2 or 3 nodes each), around 25 nodes, and 159 arcs (bug 0002443). By deleting some of the clusters, I can get it to run with as many as 5 clusters and crash with as few as 1, so it's not the case that small numbers of clusters makes it work. (Also not true that only arcs from one cluster to another cause it to crash, as the single-cluster case doesn't have any such arcs). The suggestion about the labels seems like a fruitful approach that might lead to a workaround, though - I'll have to see if a version of the graph without labels crashes.
User avatar (0000731)
dewtell (reporter)
2014-04-22 20:45

Removing all the arc labels from my 7 cluster graph worked. Removing just the cluster->cluster arc labels from a closely related graph didn't (that graph was using lhead/ltail to get cluster arcs to originate on their bounding boxes, and had moved all iter-cluster arcs to the representative node of each cluster, so it was a little easier for me to identify cluster->cluster arcs in that graph).

Good workaround about removing the arc labels, though.

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