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0002366graphvizDotpublic2013-09-13 06:212013-09-22 21:14
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Summary0002366: [dot] graphviz hang up! aspect attribute seems conflict with edge's label attribute!
DescriptionA simple file contains ONLY ONE edge(with label set) and with aspect attribute set to 1.
digraph test {
graph [aspect=1];

"Point1" -> "Point2" [label="test"];

When this file processed by graphviz application(both command-line and GUI tool) will hang up and memory-amount increases very quickly!

If remove the graph's aspect attribute or edge's label attribute, everything will be OK!
Steps To ReproduceA simple file contains ONLY ONE edge(with label set) and with aspect attribute set to 1.
digraph test {
graph [aspect=1];

"Point1" -> "Point2" [label="test"];

Then use command-line to generate png(dot -Tpng -otest.png,
or use GUI-tool to open the dot file!
Graphviz application will hang up!
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Attached Filesdot file icon test (1).dot [^] (84 bytes) 2013-09-13 06:21

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erg (administrator)
2013-09-13 10:54

Yes, we've recently discovered that the implementation of the aspect attribute has some serious deficiencies. We have disabled the attribute until we can get it fixed.
User avatar (0000535)
stonecheung (reporter)
2013-09-14 10:40

Thanks very much for your Note, 'cause I've been waiting an answer for many days!
And one more question: Since aspect is disabled, is there any other way of limiting the output image's width? (My project's output graph is always too wide!) Thanks a lot, again!
User avatar (0000536)
stonecheung (reporter)
2013-09-14 10:49

I've tried the ratio=1 attribute, but it simply increase the height, but the layout does not change actually.
User avatar (0000537)
erg (administrator)
2013-09-14 17:35

Right, ratio increases the height, so you can uniformly scale down the drawing to get the desired width. I admit this isn't helpful in many cases. You might also try ratio=compress with size set. dot will attempt to fit the given size. Another approach is to use the unflatten filter that comes with Graphviz. This increases the minlen of various edges to get a better aspect ratio. By the way, unflatten is not very aggressive, so you can apply the same trick manually. Finally, make sure disconnected components aren't part of the problem, as dot just places them side-by-side, which can make the drawing very wide.
User avatar (0000545)
stonecheung (reporter)
2013-09-22 21:14

I've tried the method of 'ratio=compress with size set', and it works ok!
Thanks very much!

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