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0002353graphvizGraph Librariespublic2013-09-04 06:032013-09-05 14:04
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSopenSUSEOS Version12.3
Summary0002353: cdt sources use the wrong define for proper prototypes
DescriptionThe sources in cdt erroneously trigger on __STD_C being defined to use proper prototypes while the correct symbol is __STDC__. This patch changes this.
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Attached Filespatch file icon graphviz-proper_prototypes.patch [^] (8,644 bytes) 2013-09-04 06:03 [Show Content]

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erg (administrator)
2013-09-04 15:51

Actually, the authors of cdt chose to use their own version because of the variability of the standard:

"__STD_C is defined in the iffe-generated FEATURE/common => ast_common.h
we did that a long time ago because although the symbol __STDC__ is standard
its values are not standard
there's all sorts of weird #if logic in the wild differentiating between
__STDC__ == 0 vs __STDC__ == 1 vs __STDC__ not defined vs maybe other values
we dispensed with that in one place and used __STD_C consistently."

The macro __STD_C is set in ast_common.h, which we need to include in cdt as we currently do in vmalloc and sfio.
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phisama (reporter)
2013-09-05 11:30

So is this the right fix to dthdr.h:

#if _PACKAGE_ast
#include <ast.h>
#include <ast-common.h>
User avatar (0000492)
erg (administrator)
2013-09-05 11:38

That is what I added to dthdr.h (except for the misspelling of ast_common.h).
User avatar (0000493)
phisama (reporter)
2013-09-05 12:04

Yeah, that typo isn't in the patch I use until the next release. So this can be closed.

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