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0002313graphvizDotpublic2013-07-25 13:032013-07-30 13:54
Assigned Toellson 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionXubuntu 13.04
Summary0002313: Truly wrong direction of an edge
DescriptionThe output for the sample input file should be a graph with 2 nodes and 2 edges. Each node has one edge leaving it and one edge arriving at it. Both edges begin
at one node and end at the other node.

When I run dot on the sample input file, the output is a graph with 2 nodes and
2 edges, but both edges begin at the same node and end at the same node. One of the edges has been put in the wrong direction by dot.
Steps To ReproduceIn linux, issue command: dot -Teps -o figure2.eps
That will generate the output file figure2.eps
Observe both edges begin at node "0" and end at node "1".
Additional InformationThis bug is related to the label on the egde: If I delete "[ label = a ]" from the sample input file and issue the same command line as before, the output is correct.

This bug might be related to the position of the edges on the output: If I delete the line "rankdir = LR ;" from the sample input file and issue the same command line as before, the output is correct.

ATTENTION: on 25 February, erg asked for a sample like this in his response to bug report 002025
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ellson (administrator)
2013-07-25 13:16

I recall this bug, but I'm sure its been fixed in more recent releases.

Please try our current 2.30 stable release.

(I don't recommend our nightly snapshot release at the moment as we have a bug that were currently working on.)
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hyatt (reporter)
2013-07-25 18:37

I downloaded 2 .deb files from, and installed graphviz 2.30.1 on my machine.

I am happy to report that the wrong output (edge oriented in the wrong direction) no longer occurs.

Attention to one of you site managers: My original report lists the version of dot that was running on my machine when I discovered the bug. This does not appear in the Issue Tracker summary page.

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