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0002280graphvizDotpublic2013-05-08 14:232013-06-11 13:13
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Summary0002280: node fontsize / fontname segmentation fault
Descriptionon significantly large and complex files (see attached file), when defining the text size and font of nodes, the font name must be defined before the font size.
Steps To Reproduce
dot -Tpng -o Clannad_VN_Flowchart_fails.png

DOT code:
    //node [fontname="Arial", fontsize=10]; //this line works
    node [fontsize=10, fontname="Arial"]; //this line fails
Additional InformationThe problem doesn't exist in Graphviz 2.26 (tested 64bit Ubuntu).
This happens in 32bit Windows and 64bit Ubuntu.

2.31 also gives this error before crashing: (it does not appear when fontname is before fontsize)
libpath/.\shortest.c:324: triangulation failed
libpath/.\shortest.c:192: source point not in any triangle
Error: in routesplines, Pshortestpath failed
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VERSIONgraphviz-2.31.20130501 (and graphviz-2.30.1)
Attached Filesdot file icon [^] (99,891 bytes) 2013-05-08 14:23
dot file icon [^] (131,712 bytes) 2013-05-11 21:21

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Morlok8k (reporter)
2013-05-11 21:19
edited on: 2013-05-11 21:22

Hmmm... well the node fontsize and fontname only fixed it in windows.

I still get a segmentation fault in Ubuntu - using the ppa, and the 2.30-1 manual install.

I even tried going back to 2.26, running my .dot file through dot to output a .dot file:
dot -v -Tdot ./dot_files/ -O
(this hardcodes all the positions, and sizes, etc.)

and then running the resulting file in 2.31.
still gets a segmentation fault!

edit: uploaded ""

User avatar (0000358)
Morlok8k (reporter)
2013-06-11 13:13

Still an issue:
dot - graphviz version 2.31.20130611.0446 (20130611.0446)
(Ubuntu 64bit 13.04)

dmesg output:
[148543.660805] traps: dot[20235] general protection ip:7f1d4bfb5f41 sp:7fff060037d0 error:0 in[7f1d4bf61000+86000]
[148550.676593] dot[20254]: segfault at fffffff5 ip 00007f474bffdf38 sp 00007fff46f2f1c0 error 4 in[7f474bfa9000+86000]
[148553.360573] dot[20275]: segfault at ffffffef ip 00007f48909adf38 sp 00007fffea33aba0 error 4 in[7f4890959000+86000]

from this i see that the issue is with the libgvc inside the "libgraphviz4" package, as this is where libgvc is. (it conflicts with Ubuntu's official version of "libgvc")

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