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0002273graphvizFdppublic2013-04-02 04:012013-09-12 21:52
Assigned Toerg 
StatusinactiveResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platformx86_64OSWindowsOS Version7
Summary0002273: Fdp crashes when drawing edges of certain colors
DescriptionI have a graph with 0002135:0000070 nodes inside 5-8 clusters and maybe 0002183:0000150 orthogonal edges between nodes that I layout using Fdp.
Unfortunatly I can't share the graph as it is confidential.

All edges have only the attributes dir=forward and color=green.

When the edges are green, everything works.
When the color is changed (I tried blue and red) I get this error:

failed at node 2614[1]
failed at node 2617[0]
failed at node 2620[1]
failed at node 2622[0]
failed at node 2625[0]
failed at node 2628[0]
failed at node 2631[0]
failed at node 2634[0]
failed at node 2637[0]
failed at node 2640[0]
failed at node 2643[0]
failed at node 12324[1]
failed at node 12328[1]
failed at node 12331[1]
failed at node 12334[1]
failed at node 12336[1]
failed at node 12338[1]
failed at node 12340[1]

C:\Graphviz\bin/fdp.EXE" -q1 -Tsvg -otest0.svg was used to call. I'm using ruby-graphviz to call fdp.
Steps To ReproduceEdge color set to red or blue.
Additional InformationI will try to create a simple graph so you can reproduce this.
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User avatar (0000327)
omolin (reporter)
2013-04-02 04:28

Could not reproduce on a smaller graph.
So far only blue and red colors fail of the colors I've tried.
User avatar (0000329)
erg (administrator)
2013-04-08 10:12

It will be very difficult to resolve this without being able to reproduce it, especially as the color of an edge should have no effect on the layout. Is there any way you could anonymize the graph?
User avatar (0000330)
omolin (reporter)
2013-04-08 14:04

I don't think it's possible, not in a way that would make my employer happy anyway.
I think you can just throw this in the random memory leaks section. It's not hard to make a graph that crashes this way just add some 150 nodes in a few clusters and draw a lot of edges with orthogonal routing.
The strange thing with the colors could have been just luck with memory alignment, different color code, different number of characters in the color name etc.
I will try to bring something better next time, right now I turned off ortho to focus on some other things.
User avatar (0000472)
Abyssoft (reporter)
2013-08-31 16:33

Shot in the dark.

Suggestion: try with using hex color code instead of named color.
User avatar (0000521)
erg (administrator)
2013-09-12 21:52

With luck, we'll get an example graph exhibiting the bug.

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