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0002187graphvizDotpublic2012-01-07 16:262012-01-17 14:07
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Summary0002187: Ranked Graph Triangle Path Failure
DescriptionA software project I am working on occasionally generates .dot files that caused an older and most recent build of Graphviz to hang on Mac Snow Leopard and GNU/Linux. Running the command-line dot on the file will print this error before dot hangs:

libpath/shortest.c:315: triangulation failed
libpath/shortest.c:198: cannot find triangle path

I looked at one of the problematic .dot files and line-by-line removed everything except what is required to reproduce the bug. It's rather delicate, and *even the order of the node variables* is important. (That's not to say the bug is rare and unimportant: with my much larger, more complex generated graph the bug arises frequently). For example, if you move the definition of the 'A0' node (defined on line 8) to between lines 9 and 10, the error will go away and allow you to see essentially what the graph looks like.

Node and edge colors are not essential to the bug, but I added them to the dot file to make the problem easier to visualize. I suspect the source of the problem is in the visualization has something to do with the nodes C11, C15, and C17, which, under specific circumstances, need to be visualized in close proximity.

The ordering and everything is very important to have the bug reproduced.
Steps To Reproducedot -O
libpath/shortest.c:315: triangulation failed
libpath/shortest.c:198: cannot find triangle path
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dasmith (reporter)
2012-01-08 22:02

The bug is contained in the '' file; not the one with the typo. Yesterday I accidentally uploaded the file with the typo in its name. It has nodes N2 and N0 swapped, so it does not cause the crash to occur. Please delete that file. Sorry for the confusion!
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dasmith (reporter)
2012-01-17 14:07

I came up with a workaround.

Being that the problem went away when I removed the 'shape=point' node; I replaced it with a node with properties "invisible=true,width=0.01"

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