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0002139graphvizOutput Generationpublic2011-09-08 05:102011-09-08 05:10
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Summary0002139: SVG generation broken for pango formatted text
DescriptionWe are using GraphViz to generate graphs. For interaction we parse the svg output.

For styling we use the <FONT></FONT> tags, tables, etc.

As the data comes from the user, we escape the input by replacing '&' with '&', '<' with '<' and '>' with '>'.

To test this, I entered some HTML to make it as hard as possible for the graph to work. This leads to invalid SVG being generated.

It is hard to fix that for the input generator, as GraphViz is not consistent with how entities are handled: '&' seems to get replaced with just '&' if this results in an entity definition in the output: '&lt;' gives '<' in the output. OTOH, '& foo' results in '& foo'.

It's hard to decide what is right here. I would have expected that dot would escape entities like it escapes tags if the input label is a plain string:

node [label="<h1>"] -> <text><h1></text> (okay in 2.27.0)
node [label="&"] -> <text>&amp;</text> (broken in 2.27.0, results in <text>&</text>)
node [label="&nbsp;"] -> <text>&amp;nbsp;</text> (broken in 2.27.0, results in <text> </text>)

When labels are given as HTML, behaviour should be different due to the input being XML-like already:

node [label=<<h1>>] -> should be an error, h1 is not according to [^]

node [label=<&bsp;>] -> should result in <text>&bsp;</text> (2.27.0: <text>&bsp;</text>)
node [label=<&funny;>] -> either error (funny is not a builtin XML entity) or <text>&funny;</text> (okay in 2.27.0)

I had a look at the sources and I know that this will be quite a bit of work. Sorry for the fuss, but I would deem this correct behaviour for GraphViz.
Steps To ReproduceProcess the following dot input:

digraph escape_xml {
        c [label=<<FONT POINT-SIZE="48">&funny;</FONT>>]

dot -Tsvg -o funny.svg

The resulting SVG output contains the following string:

<text text-anchor="start" x="8.5" y="-16.1" font-family="Times,serif" font-size="48.00">&funny;</text>

I would have expected the & to be carried through from input to output.

This even happens if the input contains a simple string. Interestingly, stuff like '&unknownent;' is happily carried to the output.
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