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0002135graphvizOutput Generationpublic2011-09-01 21:422011-10-19 18:03
Assigned Toellson 
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0002135: Custom SVG node shapes do not show up in SVG output
DescriptionI'm trying to use a custom shape defined in an .svg file
for the nodes in my graph. My output format is SVG, and the input SVGs
have a viewBox so, at the very least, it should be possible to put the
content of the <svg> in the input file into a <symbol> tag, and <use>
that tag inside the <g> for the node. Currently, the <g> tags for the
nodes only have <title> tags inside them.
Steps To ReproduceInput file:

digraph G {
  gate_axb [id="gate_axb",shape=none,label="",image="and.svg"];
  gate_a [id="gate_a",shape=none,label="",image="and.svg"];
  gate_b [id="gate_b",shape=none,label="",image="and.svg"];
  gate_a -> gate_axb;
  gate_b -> gate_axb;
Additional InformationI also tried shape=custom and shapefile= instead of image=,
and I still couldn't get the custom shape to show up. I also tried not
setting shape to anything. I tried both -Tsvg:svg:core and
-Tsvg:cairo:cairo. I have attached the and.svg fle referenced in the

I get an error if I put the wrong file name in a node's
image attribute, so I think the backend reads the shape SVG. If my SVG
is missing something, please consider adding a check and printing a
warning to stderr. Otherwise, either implement the <symbol> / <use>
solution, or copy the <svg> contents inside the node's <g> tag.
TagsNo tags attached.
FIX-COMMENTResolved - unless further changes needed to support transform or * width,height
Attached Files? file icon and.svg [^] (842 bytes) 2011-09-01 21:42

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erg (administrator)
2011-09-01 21:44

Reported for Victor Costan <[email protected]>.
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erg (administrator)
2011-09-01 21:49

Re-open as feature request.
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erg (administrator)
2011-09-01 21:52

The problem is that the svg image file does not contain supported
size information. It provides a viewbox and percentages for width and height,
which we don't currently support.
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pwnall (reporter)
2011-09-04 17:36

Thank you very much for your answer!

In case anyone is interested in implementing this feature, the SVG specification describes how to translate the viewBox into an SVG transform, so the implementation could wrap the content around a <g transform="...">, and set width and height based on the viewBox size. [^]
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ellson (administrator)
2011-10-19 18:01

I just made a change to take a size from viewBox if no absolute width,height available.

I didn't apply any transforms, or any % values from width height. This could probably be added if needed....

Changes were to svg_size() in lib/gvc/gvusershape.c

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