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0002134graphvizDotpublic2011-08-29 19:552013-12-12 14:15
Assigned ToArif Bilgin 
PlatformIntelOSwindowsOS Versionxp
Summary0002134: rendering or even opening attached .gv file instantly crashes gvedit.exe (attachment)
DescriptionThe line

     subgraph { rank=same j k b c d;}

was the last thing added, and it is causing the crash. Source attached, and output without the above line attached for reference.

I was trying to figure out how to get the Objection#3 node to the left of its parent rather than underneath it, so the pic wouldn't be so wide.
Steps To Reproducegraph {
    node [shape=box, style=rounded] ;

    a [root, label="Harvesting the Little Sisters is evil."];

    subgraph cluster_reason0 {
        label="Objection 0000003";
        style="filled, rounded";
        node [style="filled, rounded", shape=box, color="#eeeeee"];
        j [label="Harvesting \ncauses pain."];
        k [label="Mere pain\n is not harm."];

    subgraph cluster_reason1 {
        style="filled, rounded";
        node [style="filled, rounded", shape=box, color="#eeeeee"];
        b [label="Harvesting \ndoes harm."];
        c [label="Harming\n people\n is evil."];
        d [label="The Little\n Sisters\n are people."];

    subgraph { rank=same j k b c d;}

    subgraph cluster_reason2 {
        label="Objection 0000001";
        style="filled, rounded";
        node [style="filled, rounded", shape=box, color="#eeeeee"];
        e [label="Harvesting\n energy\n helps me."];
        f [label="I help \npeople."];
        g [label="Helping\n people\n is good."];

    subgraph cluster_reason3 {
        label="Objection 0000002";
        style="filled, rounded";
        node [style="filled, rounded", shape=box, color="#eeeeee"];
        h [label="The Little\n Sisters are\n zombies."];
        i [label="Zombies\n are not\n people\n anymore."];

    edge [dir=forward, fontsize=8, penwidth=2, color=crimson, fontcolor=crimson ]
    b -- e [label=" no, because", lhead=cluster_reason2];
    d -- h [label=" no, because", lhead=cluster_reason3];
    b -- j [label=" no, because", lhead=cluster_reason0];
    a -- c [color=forestgreen, fontcolor=forestgreen, label=" yes, because", lhead=cluster_reason1];

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Attached Filespng file icon ArgumentMap6.png [^] (33,313 bytes) 2011-08-29 19:55

? file icon ArgumentMap6.gv [^] (1,728 bytes) 2011-08-29 19:58

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User avatar (0000061)
erg (administrator)
2011-08-31 09:35

This is actually a bug in dot. Dot crashes on the file, so GVedit can't display
the outcome.
User avatar (0000062)
erg (administrator)
2011-08-31 09:46

As a workaround, remove the rank=same subgraph and add the edge

a -- j [style=invis]

and add the attribute constraint=false to b -- j.

By the way, you might want to work explicitly with a directed graph as that seems to be what you are relying on.
User avatar (0000064)
pscion (reporter)
2011-09-01 00:00

Ah, thank you. I'm still learning what "rank" and such means.
User avatar (0000225)
Abyssoft (reporter)
2012-04-23 02:42

This bug in dot appears to be related to giving subgraphs names with or without clustering.

was working on a large graph and encountered the issue. Removing the name resolved the issue for me.
User avatar (0000634)
timberwoof (reporter)
2013-12-07 17:39

On OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Graphviz 2.34 gives an alert:
    The document "graphviz bug 2134.gv" could not be opened.
without any further explanation.
User avatar (0000635)
erg (administrator)
2013-12-12 14:15

I'm not quite sure what the above remark means. What is the document "graphviz bug 2134.gv" and how are you trying to open it? I should note that the input graph ArgumentMap6.gv is illegal: one needs to remove "root," from the attribute list of node a.

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