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0002127graphvizBuild/Installpublic2011-08-11 01:292011-08-17 16:20
Assigned ToArif Bilgin 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformWindows XPOSWindows XPOS Version
Summary0002127: Multiple minor installation and usability issues
DescriptionI'm brand new to using Graphviz so apologies if some of this stuff is known. But also, I found Graphviz cause I needed a circles-and-lines application, not because I'm trying to do anything fancy, or anything that requires a computer programmer.

1) There's three items installed in the Start menu, none of which look like they belong there: GVEDIT.EXE, SMYRNA.EXE, and a subfolder with a zillion "Shortcut to..." items with poor descriptions. The first should be renamed to "Graphviz", the second doesn't even run and should be removed. The third item should say "Graphviz Help" or something like that, and point to C:\Program Files\GraphViz 2.28\share\graphviz\doc\html\index.html which seems to be the real help file for this application.

2) Said help file mentions many files that don't exist, and doesn't link to some help files that do exist and would be helpful for the typical Windows user. Anything related to TCL doesn't exist, for example. GVedit.HTML isn't mentioned and should be, for example. I've attached an edited copy of index.html that comments out the missing items, and formats the long list into two columns to save on excessive scrolling. It still isn't pretty, but it's an improvement.

3) The HTML links to most of the PDF files are broken because their names in the folders have an extra dot and number in them, like acyclic.1.pdf instead of acyclic.pdf. Not all links are broken in this way, but most of them are.

4) Lots of files are included in the default installation that don't seem to need to be there except for programmers. Also, there's an /etc/ subfolder whose 2 items, /fonts/ and /gtk-2.0/, are included again next to the same /etc/ folder. Likely one set or the other could be deleted.

5) .gv and .dot files aren't associated with the gvedit.exe program, or even have a descriptive name, like "Graphviz document" or somesuch.

6) The default location that gvedit.exe saves and loads .gv or .dot files from is /bin/ rather than the user's My Documents folder.

7) The open and save dialog boxes also want to load and save "*.* any files" rather than just the filetypes it knows about (.gv and .dot). Combined with the above, it took me forever to figure out what kind of file I was supposed to open, and what happened to the one simple file I had made a week previous.

8) The settings pane says "layout engine" with options like "circo", "dot", etc., rather than "general layout" with options "circular", "heirarchy", "radial", etc.

9) The standard output file has no name, leading to multiple files names .png all over my folders. Please make a reasonable default output filename, such as myplan.png for the input file myplan.gv for example.
Additional InformationThank you for all your hard work on this useful utility. I made use of it for a blog post: [^]

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Attached Fileshtml file icon index.html [^] (3,640 bytes) 2011-08-11 01:29

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erg (administrator)
2011-08-17 16:20

Item 9 has been fixed.
As for item 4, we provide a single package that provides both the pieces for the simple user, and the libraries and include files needed for those who wish to use the software as a library.

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