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0000021graphvizDotpublic2002-03-24 00:002011-04-28 04:02
ReporterNick Efthymiou 
Assigned Tonorth 
PlatformOS*-*-*OS Version
Summary0000021: Divide by zero in spline generation

a small number of layouts cause dot to receive a SIGFPE
while calculating the route. The stack trace pointed to
a calculation which only happens for very small numbers,
which unfortunately includes zero.

I admit I don't understand why that division occurs only
for numbers less than 1e-6; a divide by zero results in
a Nan which is not useable for further calculations.
Is it possible that the direction of the relational "<" in
the if() statement is reversed?

Anyway, with the change shown in the attached patch
file, the test completed without problems.
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*** route.c.orig Thu Feb 28 13:35:33 2002
--- route.c Fri Mar 22 01:22:08 2002
*** 252,259 ****
      det0X = c[0][0] * x[1] - c[0][1] * x[0];
      detX1 = x[0] * c[1][1] - x[1] * c[0][1];
      if (ABS(det01) < 1e-6) {
! sc
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (2 April 2002)
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