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0002068graphvizDotpublic2011-03-28 05:052011-04-28 04:03
ReporterChristophe Dupriez 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-7OS Version
Summary0002068: Ampersand in HREF (HTML-like labels) + TARGET unsupported?

Ampersands create parsing errors when they appear within an URL
(HREF in an HTML like label)
Also, a "target" attribute is not taken into account:
it would be very useful.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph G{
    jita_T [shape=plaintext,label=<
        <table border="1" cellborder="1" cellspacing="0">
            <td href="http://testing?cgi&about=T" [^] title="jita_T" target="_parent">1. Theoretical and General:
general level</td>
            <td href="http://testing?cgi&about=T&linkedRef=true">1</td> [^]
    jita_TH [shape=plaintext,label=<
        <table border="1" cellborder="1" cellspacing="0">
            <td href="http://testing?cgi&about=TH" [^] title="jita_TH" target="_parent">Theoretical and
general aspects of
libraries and
            <td href="http://testing?cgi&about=TH&linkedRef=true">1</td> [^]
Additional Information

After submitting this report (using the form on the site), I tried to change "&" by "&". Parsing worked better but here is the cmapx output:

<map id="G" name="G">
<area shape="rect" id="jita_T" href="http://testing?cgi&about=T" [^] target="_parent" title="jita_T" alt="" coords="17,12,228,65"/>
<area shape="rect" id="jita_T" href="http://testing?cgi&about=T&linkedRef=true" [^] title="<TABLE>" alt="" coords="17,65,228,92"/>
<area shape="rect" id="jita_TH" href="http://testing?cgi&about=TH" [^] target="_parent" title="jita_TH" alt="" coords="51,153,195,252"/>
<area shape="rect" id="jita_TH" href="http://testing?cgi&about=TH&linkedRef=true" [^] title="<TABLE>" alt="" coords="51,252,195,279"/>

The ampersand remained "&" (which will not work).

Also, target="_parent" was transfered but not target="ELIS".

I believe this does work. The browser will convert the & to &. At least, that is what I see using Safari, Firefox and IE.
> Also, target="_parent" was transfered but not target="ELIS".
I don't see any appearance of ELIS in the source. Please submit input that uses this and the corresponding bad map output.

Thank you for this thorough check!

You are right on all points:
* target="ELIS" was in my original file but missing in the reduced example I prepared to submit the bug. I checked: it is generated.
* & in image map is interpreted as an HTML entity even within an href. This is surprising me: it was not like that in <a href="..."> in the past. I checked and it works now! This breaks a very old principle I followed when coding (to never consider an URL like another HTML text)

Just allow me to say that I would have save a lot of time if I knew that "&" must be written "&" in HREF within GraphViz HTML-like labels. It would be a nice addition to the documentation.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my problems!
    (and please accept my apologizes for disturbing you)


P.S. The more I use GraphViz, the more I like it (and regret I discovered it only now...) When I present it to colleagues, they simply don't believe there is shortcut between conceptual relations and visual schemas. This is probably the biggest problem of GraphViz: people don't imagine it is possible!

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VERSION     2.26.3
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