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0002030graphvizTwopipublic2011-01-22 08:292011-11-08 12:17
Assigned Toerg 
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Summary0002030: Implement horizontal/vertical scaling (starting with twopi)

Especially twopi can cause shapes and labels to overlap. Because it is not yet possible to (auto)rotate shapes and labels in twopi, I would like to propose the following additional solution. Als to simply have more control over teh resulting shape.

Please implement a setting on graph called
which is a double with default value

For the moment only twopi will be influenced by it.

Implementing this will offers greater control of results, especially preventing shape and label overlapping.
Steps To Reproduce
digraph G {
  root -> {aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaa eaaaaaaaaaaaaaa faaaaaaaaaaaaaa }
Additional Information
If one of the core developers is willing to mentor me, I would like to do the implementation and him step by step the patches so he can commit the changes in CVS.

The implementation only influence the x-coordinates. For scaling in the y-direction, use a value below 0.0 and increase ranksep. so scaling is possible in both directions.

However, scaling can be implemented for both x and y-direction via
  scale=":" == scale="1.0:1.0"

Benefit is easier scaling in all directions in twopi, disadvantage is a little more complex implementation. But keeping scaling in mind for other renderers than twopi (which I cannot oversee) I will leave this decision up to the core developers.

Please response as soon as is convenient since now I have the time to work on this.
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/graphviz2/lib/twopigen# diff circle.c.orig circle.c
< ND_pos(n)[0] = hyp * cos(THETA(n));
> > ND_pos(n)[0] = scale * hyp * cos(THETA(n));
VERSION     2.27.0 (20110122.1251)
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erg (administrator)
2011-11-08 12:16

Scaling has been added to twopi.

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