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0002016graphvizDotpublic2011-01-04 07:232011-04-28 04:03
Assigned ToArif Bilgin 
PlatformOSOther-Windows-Windows 7OS Version
Summary0002016: dot.exe not responding for some relationship
I have attached my dot file with this pls check this and let me know what is the problem in that. In dot file creation is there any limitation of relationships? Please guide me on this. When the command line excute for this dot file nothing happens its hangup. Please help me on this. Advance thanks to you.
Additional Information
Please check this dot file in command line execution and plese tell me what is the problem in this dot file, please suggest that.

The input character set is Latin-1, not the default UTF-8. Run dot with the -Gcharset=latin1 flag, or convert the input to UTF-8.
I don't know why you didn't see any error message.

Thanks for the reply sir. Actually what i got is just the dot.exe is executing the dot file without stoping it's hang up for me. Can you run the attached dot file and see why its happening like this please. Please tell me the way to correct this please.

If you run dot.exe with the -Gcharset=latin1 flag, does it still hang?

Yes still its hang :( . Please give some solution for me.

Sorry for the delay. I checked this on a Windows XP machine, but I wanted to also check on a Windows 7 machine.

In both cases, if you run dot on your graph, an error message is printed in the console window, and it exits with no output.
If you add the -Gcharset=latin1 flag, dot runs and exits with no error and produces the expected output. So, we are
unable to replicate your problem and have no idea what is happening.

Does dot work on other graphs? What happens if you run dot with the -v flag? What does you get when you run dot -V?
What is the exact command line you use, and from what shell?

Please cc Arif <[email protected]> in your follow-ups, as he is our Windows guru.

Thanks for your valuable reply sir. Actually im using this dot file in application. Following code im using for running this dot file sir.
            String command = @"C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.26.3\bin\dot.exe";
            String mapFilePath = "";
            String gifFilePath = "my_test.gif";
            String dotFilePath = "";
            String args = " -Tcmap -o" + mapFilePath + " -Tgif -o" + gifFilePath + " " + dotFilePath;
            ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(command, args);
            Process myprocess = new Process();
            myprocess.StartInfo = startInfo;

So my command line is " -Tcmap -Tgif -omy_test.gif" . Im not well know about the dot file and command line for that, So please help me on this sir what is the syntax for "-Gcharset=latin1" setting this flag sir.

For me other dot files are working fine without any issue. Im also dont know the syntax of -V flag sir :( . Please help me to comeout from this issue sir.


I am unfamiliar with the use of, but it would be helpful to get it out of the way.

Try using gvEdit on your file. Or, better, start a DOS shell and run the dot command from there,
using all of your flags.

  C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.26.3\bin\dot.exe -Tcmap -Tgif -omy_test.gif

and see if that hangs. If it does, then something is wrong in dot. If not, then the hanging is related
to the usage.

Command-line flags are just parameters starting with -. For example, -Tcmap and -omy_test.gif are
flags. Thus, to use "-Gcharset=latin1", just add it somewhere in the command line:

  C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.26.3\bin\dot.exe -Gcharset=latin1 -Tcmap -Tgif -omy_test.gif

or, since the -G flag just sets a graph attribute, you can add the line


to your input graph.

Similarly, to use the -v flag, just run

  C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.26.3\bin\dot.exe -v -Gcharset=latin1 -Tcmap -Tgif -omy_test.gif

You can use the -V flag the same way, but that appears unnecessary, as it is pretty clear your are indeed running
the 2.26 version.

You didn't include any of this information about c# or the extra flags in your bug report, so we didn't use them in
our tests. We'll try to replicate the problem using the added flags. Perhaps they induce the problem.

I was tested using DOS command itself. Same issue exists there also. Actually, an error is in dot file only that's for sure. However, I'm not exactly found which line of the dot file is causing this issue. I run the dot file using "-Gcharset=latin1" and "-V" flag. I got some message in the command window. I attached that \<A HREF="b2101.png"\>screenshot \</A\> with this mail, please look into that and let me know I did any wrong. Still its hangs it seems :( . I attached the \<A HREF="b2101a.gv"\>dot file\</A\> too, please have a look on this and let me know if any mistake I did. Thanks a lot sir.

Okay, I can replicate the problem on Windows7/32-bit with the second file supplied, but not with
the first. The graph can be reduced to \<A HREF="b2101b.gv"\>this\</A\>.
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VERSION     2.26.3
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