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0000199graphvizDotpublic2001-06-12 05:442011-04-28 04:02
ReporterPetr Prikryl 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Other-Windows NT 4.0OS Version
Summary0000199: top line of box missing in gif

The 1.7.6 beta 1 Windows version of dot produces box of the node
without the top line when the gif is used as output format and
the height argument is used.

The input was generated by the Doxygen tool (

Some of the generated arguments were removed to insulate one problem.
When the height argument is removed, the output is O.K. When the
height is set to 0.25, the output is also O.K. When the height
is set to 0.23, the output is even stranger. Only the part of the
top line is drawn. It looks as if the line endings were not aligned
perfectly horizontally and the result was cut somehow. Possibly
rounding errors?

I did observe similar behaviour also in 1.5 version, but I did not
try to insulate the problem.

The example was stored in and the dot was run this way:

dot -Tgif -o a.gif
Steps To Reproduce

digraph inheritance
  Node145 [shape="box",label="CDirectorManagerImpl",
Additional Information

Anyway, thanks for the great dot.

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-- ellson --
The first problem was that the default: 'graph [margin='0.5,0.5']' was
not being properly supported in the bitmap output formats.
A fix for this problem is now in CVS.

The problem with the slightly rotated line is I'm sure a rounding proble
VERSION     1.7.6 beta 1
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