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0001877graphvizDotpublic2010-05-10 11:412011-04-28 04:03
Assigned Togviz 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-XP SP3 EngOS Version
Summary0001877: Parts of characters stripped in PNG, GIF


if you try the DOT code below and convert it to PNG or GIF using the following call
dot -Tpng -O file.txt
you get image with part of the last Q and W not shown. When drawing to PDF, the text is displayed correctly.

Also, the underscores are missing in the upper line.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph NAME_000000_component_6{

    graph [concentrate=true,
    node [fontname=Helvetica,
    edge [dir=back];
     NAME_00000B [URL="#LINK2",
            label="(QQQ) WW_WWWW_QQQ"];
        NAME_000021 [URL="#LINK_WWWW",
        NAME_00000B -> NAME_000021;
Additional Information

Are you building from source, or using our binaries?

Graphviz uses (or should be using) pango for its text layout. Pango is certainly not assuming fixed width characters.

I'm not seeing any problems with this graph, on Linux. See attached.

Please send stderr output when you run with "dot -v -Tpng file.txt"

Label is not trimmed , However underscore is not visible because of the magical bottom pixel bug which keeps coming back every other month. See
\<A HREF="b1947.png"\>output\</A\>.
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Don't remember it exactly but once I run into a similar problem in C or C# (?)
The problem was that the system provided with me some average
character width which I multiplied by number of chars. I then used GetTextExtent
to get the actual size of the t
VERSION     2.26.3
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