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0001867graphvizDotpublic2010-04-27 06:142016-02-14 17:10
ReporterHenk van Voorthuijsen 
Assigned Togviz 
PlatformOS*-*-OS Version
Summary0001867: Database node shape

At the moment, most available node shapes are simple geometric shapes.
When using GraphViz to describe system dependencies, I often find myself in need of the classic database cylinder.
Adding this shape would fit in nicely with shapes like component, folder, etc.
Additional Information
[henk] \<A HREF="b1937.jpg"\>Here\</A\> is an example.
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Attached Filespatch file icon 1867-cylinder-shape.patch (Attachment missing)

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klutometis (reporter)
2015-12-30 18:18
edited on: 2015-12-30 18:21

We use Graphviz extensively at work for design-documents, and hardly a day goes by when I didn't wish that we had a database shape; Postscript à la [^] isn't an option, since we're going straight to PNG, and, due to the standardized nature of our document-production system, I can't patch a local Graphviz.

Would you consider applying the attached patch?

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mtd (reporter)
2016-02-03 12:50

This would be a really nice shape to have in graphviz.
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erg (administrator)
2016-02-14 17:10

As of 12 February 2016, there is now a cylinder shape for nodes.

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