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0001865graphvizOutput Generationpublic2010-04-25 05:552011-04-28 04:03
ReporterHan Joosten 
Assigned ToArif Bilgin 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-XPOS Version
Summary0001865: Pango-WARNING **: couldn't load font

This problem goes for dot as well as neato.

I have just installed this new version. When I process my .dot files, I get the message:
neato -Tpng C:\data\ADL\output\ -o C:\data\ADL\output\Pat_RBAC.png

(neato.exe:1532): Pango-WARNING **: couldn't load font "Helvetica Not-Rotated 12
", falling back to "Sans Not-Rotated 12", expect ugly output.

I have searched the internet and stumbled upon [^] Some other peoples seem to have the same problem as I do.
It seems that there is a relation with bug 0001661, whichs states that it has been fixed. However, the problem still exists.

Thanks for the great work you are doing wicht Graphviz! I really like it

Han Joosten.
Steps To Reproduce

digraph RBAC {
graph [overlap=compress];
cpt_1 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=Persoon, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\Persoon.php>];
cpt_2 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=Sessie, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\Sessie.php>];
cpt_3 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=DigID, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\DigID.php>];
cpt_4 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=Rol, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\Rol.php>];
cpt_5 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=Tijdstip, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\Tijdstip.php>];
cpt_6 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=BuService, shape=plaintext, style=filled, URL=<C:\xampp\htdocs\CC_Atlas\BuService.php>];
dclHinge_1 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_1 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=login, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_2 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_2 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=start, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_3 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_3 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=einde, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_4 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_4 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=digid, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_5 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_5 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=digid, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_6 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_6 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=serviceRol, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_7 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_7 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=rol, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
dclHinge_8 [shape=point, style=invis];
dclName_8 [fontsize=12, fontname=helvetica, label=aut, shape=plaintext, bgcolor=white];
cpt_1 -> dclHinge_1 [len=1.2, arrowhead=onormal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_1 -> cpt_2 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_1 -> dclName_1 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_2 -> dclHinge_2 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_2 -> cpt_5 [len=1.2, arrowhead=normal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_2 -> dclName_2 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_2 -> dclHinge_3 [len=1.2, arrowhead=onormal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_3 -> cpt_5 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_3 -> dclName_3 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_2 -> dclHinge_4 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_4 -> cpt_3 [len=1.2, arrowhead=normal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_4 -> dclName_4 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_3 -> dclHinge_5 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_5 -> cpt_1 [len=1.2, arrowhead=normal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_5 -> dclName_5 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_6 -> dclHinge_6 [len=1.2, arrowhead=onormal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_6 -> cpt_4 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_6 -> dclName_6 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_2 -> dclHinge_7 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_7 -> cpt_4 [len=1.2, arrowhead=normal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_7 -> dclName_7 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
cpt_1 -> dclHinge_8 [len=1.2, arrowhead=onormal, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_8 -> cpt_4 [len=1.2, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
dclHinge_8 -> dclName_8 [len=0.1, arrowhead=none, arrowtail=none];
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VERSION     neato - graphviz version 2.26.3 (20100126.1600)
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