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0001762graphvizDotpublic2009-11-25 06:382011-04-28 04:03
ReporterHariharan Sandanagobalane 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-RHE5OS Version
Summary0001762: graphviz abort in layout stage.

I hit an abort with the following stack trace, when i try to render the
 attached graph. Interestingly, if i try to dotread the attached .dot
file and then render it, i dont get the problem. But, if i source the
 attached .tcl file, which produces an equivalent graph, i get the issue.

Stack trace:
#0 0x00f92402 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
0000001 0x01752da0 in raise () from /lib/i686/nosegneg/
0000002 0x01754781 in abort () from /lib/i686/nosegneg/
0000003 0x00ef0585 in triangulate (pnlps=0xe93fe80, pnln=5) at shortest.c:310
0000004 0x00ef082f in Pshortestpath (polyp=0xbfe3c0b8, eps=0xbfe3c088, output=0xbfe3c0b0) at shortest.c:166
0000005 0x068628d2 in _routesplines (pp=0xe965048, npoints=0xbfe3ceac, polyline=0) at routespl.c:421
0000006 0x07fb3d89 in make_flat_edge (sp=0xbfe456b8, P=0xe965048, edges=0xe966df0, ind=3, cnt=9, et=8) at dotsplines.c:1249
0000007 0x07fb1d3e in _dot_splines (g=0xe8c8308, normalize=1) at dotsplines.c:388
0000008 0x07fa5c45 in dot_layout (g=0xe8c8308) at dotinit.c:273
0000009 0x0684c81f in gvLayoutJobs (gvc=0xe4f7fc0, g=0xe8c8308) at gvlayout.c:88
0000010 0x049ff6e1 in tcldot_layout (gvc=0xe4f7fc0, g=0xe8c8308, engine=0x0) at tcldot.c:621
#11 0x04a00688 in graphcmd (clientData=0xe4f7fc0, interp=0x92b7d60, argc=3, argv=0x92b5cd8) at tcldot.c:1127

I use a x86, RHE5 machine with Tcl/tk 8.5.3 and graphviz 2.24.

I tried this on mainline graphviz code(graphviz-2.25.20091123.0545),
but it doesnt solve the issue.

I tried reverting graphviz to 2.2.1 (It is ancient, i know), but
that seems to have no trouble rendering this one!
Additional Information

Just to make sure I understand. You are saying that if you run dot on the file, everything is fine, but when you
create and layout the graph in using tcldot, it crashes? What if you use tcldot to write out the graph? Is that the
same as the you sent with the bug report?

If i use tcldot to write out the graph, it first tries to do layout before it writes it. It is the layout that is falling over, so i cant use tcldot to write out the graph.

The design in the graph and the file are the same.

I'm not very familiar with the tcldot API but I would assume there should be some command to use, just after
you have specified the graph, to be able to write the graph to a file. I admit this is a probably a long shot in
terms of fixing the problem, but it would be good to check.

i Emden,
If I execute dotty on the attached
\<A HREF="\>\</A\> file, i get the same error. Can you please use the attached files instead of the original files in the bug report?

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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (11 June 2010)
VERSION     2.24
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