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0001616graphvizDotpublic2009-06-11 20:272011-04-28 04:03
ReporterJussi Eronen 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Ubuntu 8.04OS Version
Summary0001616: Overlong tooltips cause corruption with svg output

Some of my automatically generated graphs had very, very long tooltips.
This is ok with eg. cmapx outputs, but causes problems with svg, as
the strings get corrupted after 6646 characters.
$ dot -T svg -o kk.svg
$ xxd kk.svg | grep -A2 -B2 '0000 '
0002410: 206f 6e20 5443 503a 3232 2c20 5b5b 6174 on TCP:22, [[at
0002420: 7461 6368 6d65 6e74 3a6e 6573 7375 7300 tachment:nessus.
0002430: 0000 0aff 8051 ceb7 9067 0b08 2868 0b08 .....Q...g..(h..
0002440: e83b b1bf d4ff cdb7 382a 0508 893b ceb7 .;......8*...;..
0002450: e882 0b08 3e0a 3c65 6c6c 6970 7365 2073 ....>.<ellipse s

The corresponding position in the dot file reads:

 ssh on TCP:22, [[attachment:nessus%%%%% this text is not shown anymore

The corruption looks like it might be result of memory handling issues,
which could have some security implications. The main annoyance for me
has so far been, though, that svg parsers (Firefox, Inkscape) frown
upon the corrupted file and refuse to handle it.
Additional Information


This problem is fixed, as I recall, in the graphviz-2.22.2 stable release.

You can grab our package for Ubuntu from: [^]

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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (11 Jun 2006)
VERSION     2.16
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