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0001566graphvizBuild/Installpublic2009-03-19 20:262011-04-28 04:03
ReporterDaniel Richard G. 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-Linux-OS Version
Summary0001566: $(prefix)/bin/dot missing with --enable-static --disable-shared

When you build Graphviz with "--enable-static --disable-shared", a
"dot_static" binary is produced, but no "dot" binary. The tree produced
by "make install" contains the symlinks "circo", "fdp", "neato" and
"twopi" under $(prefix)/bin, but these are broken symlinks, pointing to
the non-existent "dot" binary.

I believe the makefile should at least create a "dot" symlink pointing
to "dot_static" in this case, not only so that the other symlinks are
not left dangling, but also so that the user can continue to invoke
"dot" and not have to wonder if "dot_static" is the same thing.

Additional Information

[ellson] You can --enable-static --enable-shared, and build both, so thay can't have the same name.

The "normal' executable is the shared library version. If you locally want to use
dot_static, then you can rename the executable to "dot".

Or you can use: dot_static -Kneato

[daniel] If "make install" is meant not to install a "dot" binary/symlink in the
--disable-shared case, then it should not create the dangling symlinks.
Either those symlinks should point to "dot_static", or they should not be
created at all.

[ellson] I guess you're right, they shouldn't be created at all if dot isn't installed.

I'll add it to my todo list.....

Fixed in CVS.
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VERSION     2.22.2
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