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0001528graphvizFdppublic2009-02-11 13:362011-04-28 04:03
ReporterJ. Bobby Lopez 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)OS Version
Summary0001528: Segmentation Fault using "fdp" - 2.16-3ubuntu2

I'm using Graphviz v2.16-3ubuntu2 (under Ubuntu Hardy).

Here is the command I'm using:
    fdp -v -Tsvg -o pastbin.svg

Running this file as-is works fine, but if I remove the comment from the last statement, e.g:
    //"app:s3depo:NFS" -- "cluster:vm:S3P";
    "app:s3depo:NFS" -- "cluster:vm:S3P";

Then I will get a segmentation fault.
Additional Information

[arif] Seems working on WIN32,
It should be because of the old version you are using.
I think upgrading to 2.20 would solve the problem.

[jbl] I do not have the ability to upgrade to 2.20, because it requires library versions that are not available on my version of Ubuntu.

Would it be possible to have someone check this under gviz 2.20 for linux, just to make certain?

[erg] This works with 2.20 on OSX and 2.21 on Linux. It is unlikely that the bug is system-specific, and there
have been various fdp fixes included in 2.20 and 2.21.

[jbl] I've just compiled gviz 2.20.3, and got the same error:

[email protected]:~/tmp/graphviz/pse-tools-env-diagrams$ /home/jbl/graphviz/bin/fdp -V
fdp - Graphviz version 2.20.3 (Wed Feb 11 19:31:22 UTC 2009)
[email protected]:~/tmp/graphviz/pse-tools-env-diagrams$ tail -n 5

    "app:s3repo:NFS" -- "cluster:vm:S3P";
    "app:s3depo:NFS" -- "cluster:vm:S3P";
[email protected]:~/tmp/graphviz/pse-tools-env-diagrams$ /home/jbl/graphviz/bin/fdp -Tsvg -o pastebin.svg
Segmentation fault
[jbl] Looks like it is resolved in 2.21!
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VERSION     2.16
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