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0001432graphvizGraph Librariespublic2008-10-08 02:322013-09-13 15:22
ReporterRyan Schmidt9 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-OSX-10.4.11OS Version
Summary0001432: node is contained in two non-comparable clusters "cluster_1" and "cluster_1"

The regression test graph b7.gv produces a confusing error message when run through fdp.

$ fdp -v rtest/graphs/b7.gv
fdp - Graphviz version 2.21.20081007.0445 (Wed Oct 08 05:44:45 GMT 2008)
Activated plugin library: libgvplugin_pango.5.dylib
Using textlayout: textlayout:cairo
Activated plugin library: libgvplugin_neato_layout.5.dylib
Using layout: fdp:neato_layout
Activated plugin library: libgvplugin_core.5.dylib
Using render: dot:core
Using device: dot:dot:core
The plugin configuration file:
                was successfully loaded.
    render : cairo dot fig gd map ps svg tk vml vrml xdot
    layout : circo dot fdp neato nop nop1 nop2 patchwork twopi
    textlayout : textlayout
    device : canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dia dot eps fig gd gd2 gif gv hpgl imap imap_np ismap jpe jpeg jpg mif mp pcl pdf pic plain plain-ext png ps ps2 svg svgz tk vml vmlz vrml vtx wbmp xdot xlib
    loadimage : (lib) gd gd2 gif jpe jpeg jpg png ps svg
fontname: "Times-Roman" resolved to: (ps) (PangoCairoATSUIFont) "Times New Roman 14"
layout G
layout cluster_0
layout cluster_1
xLayout tries = 9, mode = portho
Node separation: add=1 (4.000000,4.000000)
end cluster_1
xLayout tries = 9, mode = portho
Node separation: add=1 (4.000000,4.000000)
step size = 13
end cluster_0
layout cluster_1
Error: node "y" is contained in two non-comparable clusters "cluster_1" and "cluster_1"
Additional Information
[erg] This is actually a bug in libgraph, or a bug in the input.
It appears libgraph either confuses or conflates the two clusters
called cluster_1. This appears to be correctly handled in cgraph.
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VERSION     2.21.20081007.0445
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erg (administrator)
2013-09-13 15:22

WIth 2.30, we have moved to cgraph, so this problem is moot.

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