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0001420graphvizOtherpublic2008-09-22 00:002011-04-28 04:03
ReporterRyan Schmidt2 
Assigned Toerg 
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Summary0001420: Translate color values in xdot

Is there a way we could have Graphviz replace color names with color values (in any format) in xdot output, either always or with a new flag?
Additional Information
[north] I wonder if there is any harm in canonicalizing the color values in xdot.
(This could be made dependent on another attribute setting so we don't
tamper with any backward compatible code, which we probably do have.)

Ryan, do you know about the compatibility of canviz with various versions
of client browsers? (I tried MSIE 7 and 8 and got funny results.)

[ryan] I want to support IE, which is why canviz includes the excanvas library. However IE support doesn't work yet (IE 6 and 7: graph but no text; IE 8: text but no graph), and I don't have IE to test with. I will load the canviz code into a Google Code project in the next few days, and start populating the issue tracker with the known issues, and then hopefully get to work on fixing them. A discussion list is already set up if you have interest in joining.

I'm working on some code that will allow color names in the graphs to come from the union of one or more source schemes,
and the color_names in the output format to come from a target scheme, not necessarily in the source schemes, or if the color
doesn't exist as a named color in the target scheme, revert to a numeric coding (rgba, hsv, ...).

This will solve some problems with using named colors in -Tsvg and -Ttk outputs, where the color schemes don't match x11 colors.
It will better support the rule of same output in all renderers. (currently for example, "yellow" is different in svg outputs.)

For xdot, probably the target scheme should be "x11" ? Or would you prefer always rgb values?

For the purposes of canviz I would prefer always RGB (or any other numeric) color values, so that I don't have to transfer the color lookup table to the user's browser.

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STATUS-COMMENT Fixed (7 Nov 2008)
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