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0001371graphvizDotpublic2008-07-31 08:412011-04-28 04:03
ReporterAlexandru Toth 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Windows-xpOS Version
Summary0001371: undirected graph is hard to read

Undirected graph represents database tables and some joins.
Graph is hard to read. Tried both directed and undirected graphs
with similar results.

The problem seems related to the "fact table" TB_03 being pushed to
the far right, instead of displaying it in a central location in
"snowflake schema" style.

Tried fdp, twopi and circo, but those seem to fail with record
style nodes.

(By the way, dot works fine for fewer tables.)

Many thanks, Alex
Steps To Reproduce

graph G
        node [shape=record];
        graph [splines=true];

        TB_01 [label="TB_01 |<col0> col0|<col2> col2|col2 |<col3> col3|col3 |col4 |col30|<col24> col24|col6|col7"];
        TB_02 [label="TB_02 |<col28> col28|col30|<col22> col22|<col23> col23"];
        TB_03 [label="TB_03 |<col28> col28|col27|col9|col24|<col11> col11|col25|<col22> col22|col10|<col29> col29|col26 |<col23> col23"];
        TB_04 [label="TB_04 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_05 [label="TB_05 |col12|<col16> col16|col21|<col29> col29"];
        TB_06 [label="TB_06 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_07 [label="TB_07 |<col28> col28|col13|col14|<col22> col22|col15|<col29> col29|<col23>col23"];
        TB_08 [label="TB_08 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_09 [label="TB_09 |col30|<col22>col22"];
        TB_10 [label="TB_10 |col19 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_12 [label="TB_12 |col19 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_11 [label="TB_11 |col19 |<col20> col20"];
        TB_13 [label="TB_13 |col30|<col20> col20"];
        TB_14 [label="TB_14 | <col29> col29 | <col10> col10 | <col18> col18 | <col17> col17"];

        TB_10:col20 -- TB_05:col16;
        TB_02:col22 -- TB_03:col22;
        TB_07:col29 -- TB_03:col29;
        TB_07:col22 -- TB_03:col22;
        TB_11:col20 -- TB_01:col0;
        TB_06:col20 -- TB_14:col18;
        TB_08:col20 -- TB_14:col10;
        TB_09:col22 -- TB_03:col22;
        TB_13:col20 -- TB_14:col17;
        TB_01:col24 -- TB_03:col11;
        TB_05:col29 -- TB_03:col29;
        TB_01:col3 -- TB_04:col20;
        TB_02:col23 -- TB_03:col23;
        TB_07:col28 -- TB_03:col28;
        TB_14:col29 -- TB_03:col29;
        TB_07:col23 -- TB_03:col23;
        TB_02:col28 -- TB_03:col28;
        TB_12:col20 -- TB_01:col2;
TagsNo tags attached.
FIX-COMMENT Use neato to get centrality, then add edge direction with gvpr,
then run through dot with -Grankdir=LR.
STATUS-COMMENTFixed (1 Aug 2008)
VERSION     2.16
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