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0000133graphvizDotpublic2001-06-07 16:082011-04-28 04:02
ReporterDavid Boreham 
Assigned Tonorth 
PlatformOSx86-Other-Win2k SP2OS Version
Summary0000133: Win32 dot version 1.7c can't write binary output to stdout ?

I'm spawning dot to render graphs for me from inside Java servlet-resident code.
All is well, except than when I sucked the PNG binary output from the dot process
into memory and subsequently sent it to the HTTP client, it didn't display.

Upon investigation I discovered that if I run dot two ways, thus:

dot -Tpng -o foo.png


dot -Tpng > baz.png

then foo.png and baz.png are different !

And baz.png is the same as my version I get from the spawned process.

Looking at the data, I think I see \x0a translated to \x0a\x0d. theory is that the stdout file needs to be set to
binary mode (someone familiar with Win32 will know about the
evil binary/text mode fiasco) when the data type is a binary one
(e.g. PNG, JPEG).

I looked at the source code and can't see any place where the
file mode is set. But fear and loathing of the build environment
prevents me from trying a fix myself just yet.

For now I've hacked my code to sent the image to a file which
I then read back into memory.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Fantastic piece of software, BTW.
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Any valid input.
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Same as this one I suspect: [^]
VERSION     1.7c
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