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0001324graphvizDotpublic2008-05-16 06:052011-04-28 04:03
ReporterDmitry V. Krivenok 
Assigned Togviz 
PlatformOSx86-Linux-Gentoo Linux 2007.0OS Version
Summary0001324: The simplest example doesn't work (Error: Could not set character size)

Please look at this simplest example:

[email protected] ~ $ echo '
        graph test123 {
                a -- b -- c;
                a -- {x y};
                x -- c [w=10.0];
                x -- y [w=5.0,len=3];
        }' | dot -Tpng > /dev/null
Error: Could not set character size
Error: Could not set character size
Error: Could not set character size
Error: Could not set character size
Error: Could not set character size
[email protected] ~ $

I got a lot of warnings!
What's wrong???

The same example works fine on another
server with same OS and graphviz version.

I attached two png files:
1) \<A HREF="b1357a.png"\>ok.png\</A\> - png file produced by dot on another server without warnings.
2) \<A HREF="b1357.png"\>warnings.png\</A\> - png file produced by dot on target server with a
lot of warnings shown above.

Any ideas?
Additional Information

The error message comes from a gd interaction with freetype. You should probably recheck the
installation of gd, freetype and fontconfig first.

The other question is why is dot not using pango, cairo, which it should be in preference to gd.
Can you recheck those installs too, then rebuild graphviz.

If you still have problems, please send me a copy of your config.log

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VERSION     dot - Graphviz version 2.18 (Fri May 16 09:30:11 UTC 2008)
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