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0001261graphvizDotty/Lneato/Leftypublic2008-02-22 15:372011-04-28 04:03
ReporterDuncan Gibson 
Assigned Toellson 
PlatformOS*-Linux-OS Version
Summary0001261: dotty fails on man page graph example with: Format xdot not recognized

I've just rebuilt 2.16.1 from scratch, and have up to date versions of
all of the utilities it depends on (I think) because I experienced the
same problem with 2.14.1.

If I extract the graph example from the dot man page into
displays a blank window, with the following output to the shell window:

[email protected] /tmp $ dotty
Format: "xdot" not recognized. Use one of: dia hpgl mif mp pcl pic vtx
Format: "xdot" not recognized. Use one of: dia hpgl mif mp pcl pic vtx
dotty.lefty: giving up on dot
dotty.lefty: graph that causes dot
dotty.lefty: to fail has been saved in file
dotty.lefty: please fill out a bug report at
dotty.lefty: [^]

I've grepped the source code, and haven't found "xdot" at all.

Similarly, dot -Tps
gives the error:

[email protected] /tmp $ dot -Tps
Format: "ps" not recognized. Use one of: dia hpgl mif mp pcl pic vtx

I suspect a common cause
Steps To Reproduce

graph test123 {
a -- b -- c;
a -- {x y};
x -- c [w=10.0];
x -- y [w=5.0,len=3];
Additional Information
I can supply the compile log if that will help?

[erg] Your bug report implies a build problem. The renderers that dot reports (dia hpgl mif mp pcl pic vtx) are the old, built-in ones.
All of the other renderers are handled by plugins. These are checked and loaded at run-time using the file $LIB/graphviz/config,
where $LIB represents the directory specified for installing libraries. You should first check to see if this file exists.
If it doesn't, run dot -c .
If it does, check that it contains information about ps and xdot.
If it doesn't, what are the libraries in $LIB/graphviz?

As for additional information, having both config.log and the compile log would help.

[duncan] OK, it looks like PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard)

I was in the process of updating graphviz from 2.14.1 to 2.16.1 and
obviously some detritus was left behind that screwed things up.
I've just removed graphviz completely and rebuild 2.16.1 from scratch
and I am now able to display using dotty, and generate postscript
using dot.

You can mark this one as 'user error' and close it.
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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (26 Feb 2008)
VERSION     2.16.1
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