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0001209graphvizDotpublic2007-11-21 00:002011-04-28 04:03
ReporterStefan Vogel 
Assigned ToArif Bilgin 
PlatformOSWindows XPOS Version
Summary0001209: Installation on windows or running dot.exe, ... only works with admin-account
I tried to install graphviz on Windows XP without having
admin-rights. The installation procedure runs through with some
error-messages. Starting dot.exe doesn't work. It seems to me, that
the program tries to read values from parts of the registry, which are
not allowed for "normal" users. Shouldn't it be possible to install or
unzip graphviz without admin-rights (like a portable app).

Additional Information

[stefan] Starting the graphviz-2.16.exe, I got the windows-dialog
(translate from German to English ;-):
"some programs will not correctly install, when you don't have
In this windows-dialog I could login with an admin-account.
Choosing "my own account" (without admin-rights): I get the
Graphviz-Setup-Screen-dialog with the input-fields
"Install to" and
"Start Menu Folder".

When I click on Install it asks for the directory to be created, the
dialog is still there but nothing had happened (not even the directory
was created, though I know that I have at least the permission to
create folders ;-)).
So I installed graphviz on another computer with admin-rights and
simply copied the directory to the "no-admin"-machine.
I hoped that this would work, because it's only a command-line

But double-clicking on dot.exe (or any other exe) or calling it on the
command-line yields in the windows-error-message: (again
translated back) "This program could not be executed". No more hints
there, sorry.

Just trying around now, I see that GVedit.exe is running fine (but
that might be due to the reason, that I copied all the lib-files into
the bin-folder :-)).

Maybe there issome path-variable-adaption, but I have the rights to
adapt the path-variable in the section
"user-variables for <user>" in the environment-variables-settings.

[arif] We are working on a smarter installer which would give users more specific
warnings and do its best to finish installation at least with basic command
line features of graphviz.

What you have done (installing graphviz to another machine and copying
graphviz tree to your machine) should be sufficient to get dot and other
command line programs run. When you double click dot.exe (or other command
line programs such as neato , fdp) from windows GUI, expected behavior of
dot is opening a dos shell window that waits for user input. It is Simply a
black colored window with a cursor blinking in it. If this is what you get ,
that means your dot works fine.

To be sure please follow these instructions
1-Click Start and click on run.
2-run should open up a smaller window with an edit box. Type cmd there and
then click on OK. This should open a DOS shell window (usually a window with
black background)
You should be seeing
    C:>Documents And Settings\some-user>
3-On the dos shell cd to your graphviz bin folder. To do that type this
    cd c:\type-here-graphviz-folder-root\bin (hit enter after you type
your cd command)
4-now you should be seeing something like
5-type dot -V and hit enter. If dot outputs graphviz version info that means
you are able to use dot

If this doesn't work let me know

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STATUS-COMMENTFixed (6 Feb 2009)
VERSION   2.16
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