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0001165graphvizNeatopublic2006-08-09 19:142011-04-28 04:03
Reporterkevin brintnall 
Assigned Toerg 
PlatformOSx86-Other-4.x and 5.xOS Version
Summary0001165: Neato 2.8 pos="x,y!" nodes are not pinned

Neato 2.6 produces this graph correctly.
Neato 2.8 does not. It does not respect the fixed positions.
Steps To Reproduce

graph posbang {

        a [pos="0,0!"]
        b [pos="-5,5!"]
        c [pos="10,10!"]

        a -- b
        b -- c
        c -- a
Additional Information

[erg] I am unable to reproduce the problem. I have asked for
the 2.8 output.

[kbrint] 2.6 output is
graph posbang {
        node [label="\N"];
        graph [bb="0,0,1136,758"];
        a [pos="388,19", width="0.75", height="0.50"];
        b [pos="28,379", width="0.75", height="0.50"];
        c [pos="1108,739", width="0.75", height="0.50"];
        a -- b [pos="373,34 315,92 102,305 43,364"];
        b -- c [pos="52,387 196,435 938,682 1083,731"];
        c -- a [pos="1093,724 1000,631 498,129 403,34"];

[erg] Another bug related to using real bools which were being
assigned non-[0,1] values. Cleaned up in 2.9.

TagsNo tags attached.
FIX-COMMENT change declaration of pinned in lib/common/types.h from
bool to unsigned char and rebuild. Or undefine HAVE_BOOL in config.h
and rebuild.
VERSION     2.8
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